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Check Out 6 Food You Should Avoid at Night

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Check Out 6 Food You Should Avoid at Night

Check Out 6 Food You Should Avoid at Night

Eating these 6 foods at night can affect your sleep quality and even cause a rush of acid and other digestive issues.

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The evening meal is one of the main meals of the day. For this reason, it is not a good idea to ignore it or replace it with unhealthy foods. While it is true that it should be lighter than other meals, its consumption is essential to many processes that support the body during a period of rest.

In fact, the nutrients obtained at this time of day have an influence on the quality of sleep, digestion and the physical and mental energy of the next day.

The problem is that many people do not know how to choose the right foods. For this reason, there is an overload in the body that can cause negative problems.

It may well be that you eat anything to satisfy your hunger before going to bed. In fact, what you eat can have various metabolic and digestive consequences.

How do you avoid this situation? For starters, the best way is to know which foods have features that are not the best options for eating at night.

Find out what they are!


       1. Pasta

This does not mean you have to exclude pasta from your diet. As a major carbohydrate resource, it is ideal for the active moments of the day. For example, eating pasta for lunch is fine.

  • Eating pasta in the evening can cause an uncomfortable feeling of heaviness that can prevent rest. At the same time, because of the amount of calories, this can affect metabolism and weight.

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     2. Ice Cream

Eating ice cream for dinner or nightly cravings is not really a good option. Although satisfying and delicious, this food is full of saturated fats, sugar and added ingredients that affect the weight and quality of sleep.

  • Its consumption at this time affects digestion. The result is abdominal bloating and stimulation of the nervous system.

  • It disturbs the rest because it produces an acid reflux and raises the glucose level.


        3. Cheese

The cheese, and of course the dishes that contain it, must be avoided at all costs before going to bed. Although not harmful, they can cause heaviness of the stomach and sleep problems.

  • Cheese contains tyramine, an amino acid that can reduce the production of sleep-regulating hormones.

  • Cheese fats are heavy to digest by the body and can cause an inflammatory reaction in the stomach.

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     4. Spicy Condiments

Spices and salsas have flavors that can give a special touch to dishes. Although it is not usually bad to eat them, it is best to use them for meals other than dinner.

     5. Cauliflower

This crisp vegetable is a healthy food, low in calories. Despite its high quality, it is best not to consume at night because of certain properties producing gas.

  • Eating during dinner and a few hours before sleeping makes the digestive process difficult. This is due to its important content in fats and calories. In fact, it is recommended to improve cognitive and emotional health.

  • This food contains substances that stimulate the nervous system and keep the brain active.

  • Giving energy to a person makes sleep difficult and can cause episodes of insomnia.

     6. Red meat and processed meat

Consumption of red and processed meat should be limited, regardless of the time of day. Even though        these foods contain nutrients, their high content of saturated fats and chemicals does not make them a good choice for a healthy diet.

  • Eating this type of food before going to bed is a big mistake. Its proteins make digestion difficult and can cause sleep problems.

  • Because of its high caloric content, it slows down the metabolism and can cause obesity.

To avoid digestive problems and difficulties to rest, it is better to eat light meals, low in calories. Having a healthy and balanced diet at this time of day is the key to well-being.

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