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On Health: How Much Time Should You Exercise Every day? Know It Today!

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On Health: How Much Time Should You Exercise Every day? Know It Today!

On Health: How Much Time Should You Exercise Every day

For daily exercise, you need to consider your current physical condition. You must also consider the type of exercise you want to do and how much time you have.

Many people are used to exercising daily. This habit keeps you healthy and helps you stay active and energetic. It also prevents various types of diseases. However, it is important to know how much time you have to do each day.

In this article we will share some tips with you to make your daily workout effective and positive for your health. After all, many factors influence your routine. It is important to know them to get the most out of your workout.

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Is it good to exercise every day?

Exercising every day is not only good for your health; it is necessary.

In recent years, we have discovered more and more disastrous health effects. Working in an office with long hours in front of a computer subjects your body to the torture of not moving. This can have many harmful effects on your health.

A sedentary lifestyle is a very important risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Cholesterol, hypertension, triglycerides, obesity or insulin resistance are becoming more common every day. They are easily one of the great evils of this century.

Therefore, those who are required to spend a lot of time sitting should follow these recommendations and get up at least once an hour. Just walk a little, stretch or go up or down stairs.

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Risk factors

Exercising every day also carries risks if you do too much. If you are not a professional athlete and you do not have a coach, keep in mind some of these precautions:

  • You can not do anything that does not do anything every day. You must make this change gradually to avoid injury.

  • Good nutrition is essential. In your diet, you can not skip proteins, carbohydrates and high quality fats. When you exercise more, even if you want to lose weight, you must increase the amount of calories you eat. You can always count on superfoods to find a quick and healthy supplement to your diet.

  • You need to determine the type of exercise that best suits your age, health, lifestyle, and routine. Also remember that what you need can change over time.

  • If you have an illness, your doctor should determine your workout routine. As a general rule, people with heart problems should avoid intense sports between 11:00 and 13:00.

What exercise should I practice?

It’s important to consider the type of exercise when trying to determine how long you should do it.

  • You can do moderate intensity exercise, such as walking or jogging, every day. We recommend that you do it between 20 minutes and one hour.

  • High intensity exercises that are hard on your heart should only be done for half an hour or less.

  • Interval sports, like circuits, usually have defined times. A good thing is that in 10 or 20 minutes you can get the same benefits as if you were doing it for an hour.

  • There is no maximum time for low intensity exercises such as yoga, tai chi or stretching.

  • Toning exercises with weights, if performed daily, need to work different muscles each day. You can do a routine of 5 daily exercises and work the different muscle groups twice a week.

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Practical advice

When exercising daily, keep these tips in mind:

  • Remember that you must stretch before and after each session. This is important for improving flexibility, toning muscles and preventing injuries.

  • You must stay hydrated throughout the workout, as well as throughout the day.

  • Try to combine aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

  • It is essential to breathe properly during training. Always inhale when you do not apply force.

  • Do not exercise immediately after eating. You must digest your food before you start moving.

  • It is strongly recommended to eat a lot of protein (vegetable or animal) half an hour after working.

Finally, keep in mind that exercise gives you energy and relaxes you. You can enjoy a workout at any time of the day, so why not incorporate this healthy habit into your daily routine?

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