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Do You Always Make These Beauty Mistakes?

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Do You Always Make These Beauty Mistakes?

Do You Always Make These Beauty Mistakes?


You swim with dry hair

The pool water contains chemicals that damage the hair and make the hair look green. Think of your hair as a dry sponge: if you wet them with tap water before swimming, you will not be able to absorb as much in the pool. When you go out, wash your hair immediately, preferably with a shampoo after bathing.



You brush after coffee

It’s true that acid or sugar in coffee, sodas and fruit juices eat away at the outer shell of your teeth, called enamel. But do not try to remove them immediately. When you brush your teeth after eating an acidic food or drink, you remove this weak enamel. Instead, swish well with water and wait at least 1 hour before brushing. Better yet, brush before sipping.

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You do not change your razor

If you use a dull razor to shave, you will probably have to go over the same area several times to be more fluid. This creates small cuts in the skin that can lead to bumps, rashes, irritation and infections. After about five to seven shaves – or whenever you have to walk through an area several times – it’s time to change blades.


You Scrub your face

You do not need to scrub with a washcloth to cleanse the grime from your face. All your skin needs is a gentle fingertip massage and a gentle cleanser. Wash your face once or twice daily in warm or cold water. Check the label of your cleaner and ignore those containing alcohol or abrasive ingredients. Rinse thoroughly.



You Skip water at the cocktail hour

Red wine is an obvious teeth strainer, but white wine also has acid and tannins. They can damage your enamel and make teeth easier to stain. Alcohol also dries out your mouth, which means you have less saliva to eliminate acids and bacteria. To protect your teeth and prevent stains, rinse your mouth with water after drinking.

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You shampoo too much … or too little

The shampoo removes hair from the natural oils of your scalp. Do it too much and your hair will become dull and dry. But the frequency with which you lift depends on your hair type. For fine, smooth hair, you can shampoo every day if oil and dirt accumulate, but many experts say you should do it every 2 to 3 days. Thicker or curly hair can range from a few days to a week between cleanings. People with very textured hair can wash it once or twice a month. Ask your stylist what routine and what products are right for your hair.


You skip conditioner

Maybe you worry, it will weigh your hair. Or you do not have time for that. But without it, the hair will be dry and dull. To keep your locks soft and healthy, apply a light conditioner every time you wash your hair. Put it on the ends of your locks (not the roots). Use your fingers to work it.


You Swab out your ears

It may sound good, but the cotton buds push the earwax deeper. Plus, you could even damage your eardrum or the tiny bones that help you hear. So, how are you supposed to clean earwax? Ideally, you should not have to do it – your body can do it alone. But if your ears are full, you hear ringing or you have difficulty hearing, consult your doctor. She can decide how to remove the wax safely.

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You use deodorant to stop Sweat

Deodorant masks odors, but if you have sticky or clammy underarms, you need an antiperspirant. It stops the moisture by blocking the sweat glands. Do you put it on your morning shower? Read the instructions first. Some products should continue at night and again in the morning on dry skin. You have sweaty hands? You can also use antiperspirants



You may not want your nail technician to feel your hairy legs. But tiny breaks in the skin right after shaving are the ideal entry point for all bacteria in the footbath. This could lead to an infection. Do not shave at least 24 hours before a pedicure. On this note, do not let your beautician cut your cuticles, as this also creates an opening for germs.


You soap your sensitive areas

The vulva and the vagina are super sensitive. So, skip the hard soaps that are scented or antiseptic – they can eliminate the balance of bacteria that keep the area healthy. The same goes for showers, scented wipes and vaginal deodorants. All you need is a simple, unscented soap to gently wash the area every day.

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