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Watch out! 10 Best ways to make your cooking gas last longer

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Watch out! 10 Best ways to make your cooking gas last longer

Watch out! 10 Best ways to make your cooking gas last longer

Watch out! 10 Best ways to make your cooking gas last longer


With the rising cost of cooking gas today, you can do some things to make your cooking gas last longer. Doing so will also help you reduce your monthly gas costs and save you money.

  1. Match your pot to the right burner

There is a reason why some gas ranges have multiple burners of different sizes. If cooking with a large saucepan, use the large burner and if it is a small saucepan, use the smaller burner. In this way, the amount of gas burned will be equal to the size of the burner. The use of small pots on a large burner will be a loss of cooking gas.

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  1. Understand the relationship between heat and temperature

The combustion of the cooking gas produces flames and the flame produces thermal energy. The more gas you burn, the more heat it produces and vice versa. When a pot with its contents absorbs heat, its temperature rises and cooks food. The higher the temperature in a pot, the faster the cooking.

It should be noted that when the boiling point of a liquid in the pot is reached, heating and burning of the gases will not cause the product temperature to rise or the liquid to cook faster complete evaporation.

The secret is to maintain a minimum flame required to maintain boiling. Avoid adding an excessive amount of water and cooking for a long period of high flame. Instead, add water stably to allow lower flame cooking for the same duration.

3. Use metal-made cooking pan and pots


Metals such as stainless steel are good heat conductors. In other to allow the cooking to occur, the heat generated in the flame must reach the food and the pots made of good heat conductors are therefore more effective.

  1. Keep your exterior surfaces clean and bright

An uncleaned, black, soot-stained outer pot surface will reduce the pot’s ability to conduct heat. This will prolong the cooking and burn more gas.


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  1. Defrost frozen food before cooking

For faster cooking, defrost or melt frozen food before cooking. It allows you to maximize your cooking gas by saving the thermal energy needed to bring it back to room temperature.

  1. Make sure the bottom of the pot is covering the flame

Flames that extend beyond the bottom of the pot produce heat that escapes from the pot. The heat that is not absorbed by the pot and its contents is a waste.

  1. Invest in pressure cookers

Pressure cookers cook at about 125 degrees Celsius compared to regular cooking pots that cook at about 100 degrees Celsius only, which allows for quick cooking, reducing cooking time and burnt gases.

  1. Is your cooking gas blue or yellow? Does it burn regularly or not?

Sturdy blue flames indicate that your burner is clean. If the flame is yellow or orange, the burner is clogged with soot, grease, or food residue, which prevents it from burning properly, ensuring that all gas energy is not being used. .

  1. Keep the lid as much as possible

Placing the lid on your pan while cooking prevents steam from escaping and cooks your food faster. It also reduces cooking time since heat energy is used more efficiently.

10. Regularly maintain and service your gas tank and stove

To ensure safety and maximize your cooking gas, check and maintain the regulator regularly and make sure that the pipes or hoses are not obstructed or leaking. To avoid wasting, always make sure the regulator is turned off after cooking.


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