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Check 7 Things Expecting Mothers Need to Know (Mostly No: 4 & 6)

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Check 7 Things Expecting Mothers Need to Know (Mostly No: 4 & 6)

Check 7 Things Expecting Mothers Need to Know


Maybe you are a new mother and expect a new package of joy. Of course, you want to make sure things are going well for your baby, and part of that starts with the choices you make right now. Ensuring that you limit (or preferably completely avoid) exposure to toxic substances is an important first step.


One of the ways to take into account is traffic pollution. Completely eliminating your life may not be practical, but recent evidence suggests that it could harm your unborn child. In fact, women who are exposed to heavy road pollution in the second trimester are at greater risk of giving birth to a child with fragile lungs.

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7 Things Expecting Mothers Need to Know


Unfortunately, today’s world is plagued by toxic contaminants, and traffic pollution is one of the things you need to reduce when you wait. Here are 7 more things to consider during your pregnancy and beyond.


  1. Beware of household chemicals

Found in many common products, triclosan is a pretty nasty endocrine disruptor that could harm your baby. [3] Triclocarban killer germs, present in some bar soaps, is also a concern. Although the effects of these endocrine disruptors are not entirely clear, studies have linked triclosan to liver cancer and more children are exposed to both toxins in the uterus.



  1. Attention to BPA and BPS products

Used in many plastic items, BPA is bad news for the endocrine system and its BPS substitute is really not much better. You probably get more exposure to BPA than you think with these hot recipes so popular nowadays, and if a company uses BPS … well, it can label this item without BPA. Pregnant women may want to be wary of endocrine disruptors, as a recent study suggests that BPA and BPS may cause “real and measurable changes in the development of a brain region playing a key role in fear, control of impulses, obesity and puberty. “[5] It is also wise to check with your hospital the BPA status of medical equipment.


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  1. The effect of phthalates on your baby’s IQ

A recent report suggests that children exposed to high levels of phthalates in the womb are more likely to have lower IQs – perhaps as many as seven points. [7] One of the researchers commented that such a drop could have a significant impact on academic success. But unfortunately, phthalates are all around us. One of the toxins (di-n-butyl phthalate) could even be used in pill coatings. [8] So even though avoiding exposure may be impossible, reducing it permanently can not hurt.


  1. A glass of red wine might not be as safe as you said

Resveratrol is a natural antioxidant found in red wine. Just a glass of red wine can not hurt, right? Well, recent evidence suggests that this “health food” in a glass could damage the pancreas of your unborn baby. Keep in mind, however, that what might be healthy for the mother may not be very good for the developing fetus.


  1. A new nursery can be the source of harmful toxins

While waiting for your new arrival, your instinct is to create the perfect nursery. Often, this could involve installing new flooring, but a recent study suggests that this may not be the best idea. [10] Toxins such as styrene and ethylbenzene can be used in carpet glue and laminates. We know that these toxins are bad news, but they can be even worse for lung development – before and after birth – that can cause wheezing and other breathing problems.


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  1. Antidepressants can cause autism

Although you should never stop taking your medications without the consent of a doctor, a recent study suggests that the use of antidepressants by a pregnant woman may slightly increase the risk of autism in her child. [11] These results are still new, and more research is needed, but the researchers’ feat will be to balance the mental health of the mother and the child. The good news, however, is taking prenatal vitamins could reduce the risk of autism by half.


  1. Do not let your child put toys in the mouth

While 6 phthalates are banned in children’s toys in the United States, non-prohibited and sometimes forbidden toys may appear in toys. Studies show that early exposure to phthalates can affect male reproduction and affect early puberty. [13] A study found that in some toys, lead and chromium limits were above legal limits. So, for the sake of health, be sure to keep these toys away from small mouths.


Toxins can be such a danger to our children; Unfortunately, many doctors do not talk about these things with new mothers and pregnant women. You must therefore inquire. Be it a step towards learning as much as possible about what toxins can potentially harm your baby.

Do you want to know more about your baby’s well-being? Feel free to leave us thoughts or questions in the comments.

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