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Must Know!! 10 Most Common Possible Causes of Hair Loss

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Must Know!! 10 Most Common Possible Causes of Hair Loss

Must Know!! 10 Most Common Possible Causes of Hair Loss

In some situation, you can move from a balanced diet to stressful situations: hair can drop out for different reasons.
We should recognize them in order to deal with hair loss appropriately if it happens to us

Each time you take a shower, you worry that you might go bald…and we won’t even get you started on the hair stuck on your brush. However, there are clear causes of hair loss that you can become aware of.

For what reason does hair drop out? See More reasons below

Aside from normal hair loss or seasonal factors, we should remember that there are some factors that contributes to the increase in hair loss:

1. Poor diet

Must Know!! 10 Most Common Possible Causes of Hair Loss

Restrictive diets, skipping meals (especially breakfast) and eating too quickly are one of the fundamental causes of hair loss and other health consequences.

A poor diet impacts both our inner and outer-health, which is the reason we may suffer from darkened complexion and weak nails.

2. Anemia

Iron deficiency in our bloodstream can also lead to hair loss.

During feminine cycle (menstruation), ladies regularly lack iron and might loose more hair. People who suffer from anemia experience something similar.

3. Pharmaceutical drug use

Hair loss is among the side-effects of many pharmaceutical drugs and medications. Give careful consideration, especially if your drugs contain beta-blockers, heparin, amphetamine or L-DOPA.

4. Chemical use

Commonly doing “everything to our hair” has negative outcomes for it. This even includes overusing balding treatments.

Some products:, like dyes or chemical straighteners, contain harmful ingredients for our health (including ammonia) that weaken hair follicles and make them fall out faster.

In case you’re losing a great deal of hair, you should need to consider stopping the color or slowly let off.


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5. Hormonal changes

Notwithstanding the iron inadequacy that happens in monthly cycle -menstruation, we also need to add that during the menstruation cycle, hormones are “revolutionized” and can have a toll on our scalp.

A similar thing can be said for thefollowing situations as well: pregnancy, giving birth, menopause and even in the cases of some illnesses or treatment where hormone levels are altered (for example, fertility treatments).

6. Thyroid issues

At the point when the thyroid gland isn’t working as it ought to and functions slower than normal, there are a lot of impacts on our health.


One of those impacts is hair loss. However, thyroid complications don’t lead to “bald spots” in specific areas but rather, all over hair loss.
You might see hair strands on the shower floor, on your brush or pillow.

7. Stress

Consistently issues, obligations, work accumulation, abrupt changes… they all can cause stress.
Stress can bring about various consequences such as hair loss.

Hair loss can even occur months after the stressful time period or situation. We might notice more loose hair strands when we have to take on additional responsibilities (like an end of the year financial report) or important event (moving, weddings).



8. Being too rough

Hair should be dealt with a specific method to abstain from dropping out.

On the off chance that we regularly do tight hairstyles using clips and hair-ties, if we use a hair-straighter or blow-drier or if we sleep with our hair in a ponytail, it’s very probable that our hair’ll be damaged and weak.

Adding on, be careful about using plastic brushes with sharp, tightly-packed bristles because they damage hair and pull out strands with every stroke.


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9. Depression

You might not believe it, but feelings of anguish, depression or low self-esteem also take a toll on our physical and aesthetic health.

Numerous hair-related issues are regularly caused triggered by a trauma or an emotional pain that we haven’t overcome.


10. Time

Though we might have evolved considerably from our ancestral primates, despite everything we still have a few things in common.

It’s the body’s natural reaction to adapt to its surrounding climate changes.
You’ll see the process happening in your pet: they might shed more hair during some seasons, but there’s no need to apply a treatment to prevent it.


By shedding, they’ll remain cool in summer and warm in winter. The human body has a similar system.

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