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How U-Reporters and UNICEF Enhance menstrual cleanliness for young ladies and Women-

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How U-Reporters and UNICEF Enhance menstrual cleanliness for young ladies and Women-

How U-Reporters and UNICEF Enhance menstrual cleanliness for young ladies and Women

How U-Reporters and UNICEF Enhance menstrual cleanliness for young


Discussing feminine cycle should not make individuals, especially young ladies, and young men – feel uneasy, or humiliated. Feminine cycle is a typical, real phase of pubescence in young ladies.

In any case, numerous young ladies in Pakistan and around the globe still feel embarrassed to discuss their periods and don’t have mediums to visit about it, while young men shy far  away from the period ‘discussion’.

How U-Reporters and UNICEF Enhance menstrual cleanliness for young ladies and Women. U-Report – a free, secret apparatus for group cooperation – is giving a mysterious medium to these young ladies and young men in Pakistan to talk straight forwardly, make inquiries, get pertinent data and make a move through the solace of their cell phones.

In June 2017, UNICEF WASH and U-Report in Pakistan propelled the Menstrual Hygiene Innovation Challenge.



The goal of this test was to empower young ladies and young men to make a move in their groups on menstrual cleanliness administration.

The test was propelled finishing the information got U-Report survey comes about on menstrual cleanliness administration, which showed that 49% of young ladies had no learning of monthly cycle preceding their first period.

The outcomes additionally uncovered that 23% of young ladies might most want to find out about feminine cycle in school.

Additional information through live visits demonstrated that U-Reporters need to discuss monthly cycle and get the correct data. Amid the 3 hour live visit, 2500 U-Reporters made inquiries in regards to monthly cycle with no disgrace.

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 Inquiries like ‘Would i be able to bath during my period’, or ‘For what reason should young ladies not play games during periods’ were enlightening.

Confirmation charged by UNICEF has demonstrated that absence of talk about monthly cycle in both open and private spaces in Pakistan has left juvenile young ladies without indispensable data on what to do when they are on their periods.

U-Report is helping the WASH group in Pakistan overcome any issues amongst research and practice, and bringing us voices of young ladies and young men from groups who need to make REAL move!” – Gloria Lihemo, C4D Specialist, WASH UNICEF Pakistan

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Input from U-Reporters in the current surveys and the sort of inquiries being asked in the one-on-one U-Report MHM talks meant to UNICEF Pakistan Innovation and what WASH partners must be done to empower youngsters to get to basic data.

The Menstrual Hygiene Innovation Challenge is a summit of the shared endeavors of the U-Report survey results and information from young ladies and young men the nation over.

U-Report upheld UNICEF’s WASH group to speak with young ladies one-on-one and hear their feelings and issues encompassing menstrual cleanliness.

In view of the criticism and connection with U-Reporters, profitable bits of knowledge and points of view on tending to the difficulties encompassing menstrual cleanliness were gotten.

We found that young girls in Pakistan need to take a lead in enhancing their groups, particularly handling challenges in regions, for example, well being, cleanliness, training – the main thing lacking was an ‘opportunity’ to make a ‘change’.

This test was propelled as an open door for youthful U-Reporters in Pakistan. A get for proposition was conveyed to U-Reporters and young girls to submit imaginative thoughts on devices, models, and administrations to empower young ladies and women to deal with their monthly cycle cleanly.

UNICEF got 60 recommendations of which 7 victors were chosen and granted a concede measure of PKR 50,000, PKR 150,000 and PKR 250,000.

The principal prize victors of the test – Alizey Sohail, Hina Farooqui, and Ayesha Arshad – will build up the main sterile napkin candy machine in association with nearby well being and health brands.

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Saba, a youthful business visionary from Karachi who deals with movement and man-made brainpower to bring issues to light about ladies’ issues, was additionally granted a give.

Through the triumphant advancement challenge concede and mentor-ship, Saba will deliver enlivened narrating substance to share what monthly cycle truly is, diminish the disgrace and disgrace around it, and bring issues to light with respect to menstrual cleanliness.

“Disgrace and taboos make it incomprehensible for ladies to gain admittance to human services.

On the off chance that we need our young ladies and women to have sound lives, we have to evacuate the disgrace related with body forms.

The majority of the undertakings and visitors are buckling down in their own specific manners to evacuate these obstacles.

I’m glad to be a piece of this rundown.” – Saba Khalid, Founder of Aurat Raaj – Winner of UNICEF Menstrual Hygiene Innovation Challenge

Granaz Balouch was additionally chosen. An educator from Gwadar, a waterfront region in Balochistan, who has outlined a novel model to incorporate neighborhood groups, youth, common society individuals, media and in addition region government authorities as key partners to guarantee more noteworthy investment of young ladies around menstruation.

How U-Reporters and UNICEF Enhance menstrual cleanliness for young ladies and Women. “I am excited to get a UNICEF menstrual cleanliness advancement challenge grant! Through my venture ‘Sehat Appa’ I will utilize E-Health centers/Online facilities to achieve ladies and coach them.” Makkiya Jawwed, Innovation challenge champ from Karachi.


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Different visitors, Iqra Irfan, Samiullah Khan, and Areena Kamil, three youthful pioneers from NUST School of Engineering and Computer science in Islamabad, will help bring issues to light about menstrual cleanliness rehearses through an android telephone application.

Also, Naveed Tejani and Farzana Ali will give young ladies a computerized stage to track their periods through their one of a kind venture OvaryActBot .

These imaginative arrangements from youthful personalities will bring issues to light and advance the significance of good menstrual cleanliness for young ladies and women in Pakistan.

Marziyya Malik, Program Manager at School of Leadership says: “With 15 years of experience inside the spaces of youth advancement and instruction in Pakistan, School of Leadership has occupied with different youth improvement programs crosswise over Pakistan with different accomplices, however working with UNICEF’s

U-Report is unique. We are burrowing further and going past what meets the eye in understanding the young of Pakistan – their inclinations and their issues so we could convey imaginative learning activities.

How U-Reporters and UNICEF Enhance menstrual cleanliness for young ladies and Women. Information from the menstrual cleanliness survey uncovered that numerous U-Reporters had out-of-the-container thoughts through which minimal effort and wide effort intercessions for better MHM could be taken off”.

All the test champs were granted prizes at the dispatch of UNICEF’s Be Bold, Be Free crusade on third August 2017 in Islamabad.

In this bright occasion Sana Mahmud, skipper of the national ball group, Hajra Khan, chief of the national football group, and Kiran Khan, an Olympic swimmer, were selected as menstrual cleanliness champions by UNICEF and exhibited the honors to the test visitors.

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