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History Overview

HISTORY OF UNITED AFRICAN STATES UAS-Whereas, with the natural course of human evolution that has taken place, Africa has become the origin of Africans. The Africans were made with the same color pigments of living or dead skin, with the same natural privileges to carry and the rights to claim at all times;

To and from their places before they are invaded by those who have transferred them. In the course of the history of human evolution, an enormous damage inflicted by man on inhumanity has been inflicted on the whole African race; Since 2000 years..


The enslavement of the Africans followed by colonialism were ordered by the Europeans’ government authorities and colonialism doctrine was adopted by the same and was practiced against the innocent Africans who were dehumanized, denied human rights equality and the Africans’ own cultural philosophy and beliefs which they held in practice from their very existence in one generation to another; from which their superior universe was created.


Those who had mutated from the original Africans colluded to inferiorize the Africans by their adoption of their Africans’ dehumanization doctrine against all global Ethnic Africans’ race.



In accordance with resolution adopted in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on January 31st in the year 2010 by the African Union (AU) summit of Consultative Heads of States and government leaders, the unilateral declaration of the Federal Republic of United African States natural rights, historical injuries, enslavement, colonialism, economic disparity, disequilibrium, human right deprivation and dehumanization of the global ethnic Africans and for the hope and promise for a New Africa’s World, Political and Economic freedom.


The African Heads of States and Government Leaders unanimously agreed with Col. Muammar Al’Quaddafi, Chairman of the African Union Summit that Al’Quaddafi recommendations was unanimously agreed for the declaration of the United African States pursuant to the resolution of African leaders adopted in Casablanca, Morocco by the then African Leaders March 12, 1962 and that the resolution of the then African Leaders adopted in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in May 25, 1963 that established the Organization of African Unity (OAU) and the resolution that established the OAU was also in recognition of the Union of African States (UAS) for operation, geopolitical organization, economic integration and independence of all African nations.


Therefore, the OAU was empowered with authority to seek political freedom and independence from colonialism after which the OAU will hand over the authority of government affairs, institutions of African 2 nation states shall be taken over by the Union of African States (UAS) from the OAU.


In furtherance to the achievement of political and economic independence from colonial rulers by the African nation states, the authority of the OAU for African Unity was used up after the attainment of all African independence and sovereignty.


Therefore, in September 9, 1999, Col. Muammar Al’Quaddafi leader of Libya assembled all African Leaders in Tripoli, Libya during that summit of all African leaders they adopted unanimously resolution which established the African Union (AU).


And the AU was mandated to represent all African nations as agent of governments of African states without authority to act for or represent any African nation in defense or political order. Therefore and in furtherance to the authority and lack of power and mandate to act for and in defense of any African nation by the AU, the African leaders felt it necessary and obligatory to seek and find solutions to the African nation states defenseless state in the world.


Whereas, African nations and states had their own defense, Army, Navy and Airforce, it was lack of defense and lack of authority of AU that called the African leaders to order, because after France bombed Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire with five war planes in November 2004.


The African leaders knows and came to the realization that African nations states were defenseless and as a direct result of that, it became necessary for Africa to seek defense treaty with United States of America called USAfrica Defense Command treaty in 2005. After the treaty was signed, it became evident that African nation states needed One Voice because of the treaty demand.



The idea for the building of the United African States was started when the strategy for African Continental Tolls [ACTS] infrastructure development 100 Years’ Master Plan was prepared. When the design was completed, I submitted to the African Economic Community [AEC] Commission which considered it and approved it since 1998.




The prudent efforts needed for Africa’s socioeconomic recovery plan for Africa and the restoration of Africa’s economic development in Africa was begun. In 1997, I wrote letter of transmittal of ACTS Master Plan and requested William Jefferson Clinton of USA Government for the endorsement of the ACTS Master Plan. In his response, he told me that they are working hard to provide Africans with the tools they need to make better living for their lives.


To support its support for the ACTS 100 Years’ Master Plan, U.S. Africa’s Infrastructure Development [USAID] Fund with $ 350 million Dollars in August, 1998; and places its management under the US Overseas Private Investment Corporation [OPIC] which is a USA Government’s Agency. President George Walker Bush added $ 3.8 Billion Dollars to the USAID FUND. Without hesitation, President Barack Obama on June 11, 2008, added $ 66.5 Billion Dollars to the USAID Fund.




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