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                   ON JANUARY 31, 2014 AFRICAN  STATES INAUGURAL SPEECH – Chairman and Members of the UAS Highest Chambers of the Supreme Council, Excellencies, Heads of State and Governments of the Global Village Royal Highness, the African Chiefs and Traditional Rulers The United African Diasporan State Indigenes and Government Excellencies, Members of the Diplomatic Corps Pan Africanism Women Cooperative Movement Pan Africanism Global Youth Movement My fellow Africans at home and abroad My fellow Africans here at home and in the diaspora, it is a great honor and privilege for me to stand here before you as the first executive president of the United African States , to seek and find the freedom and equality for all Africans. AFRICAN  STATES INAUGURAL SPEECH – During my search for ways and means to make it possible for this day to come, I traveled to and from 167 countries and more than 10,000 cities some of which I revisited for more than five (5) times.


I thank the Constitutive African leaders who unanimously elected me as the First Executive President of the United African States [UAS], January 31, 2010; with the multidimensional mandate to design, develop the structural framework, build, operate and manage the United African States [UAS] with pre-dates. It was indeed a challenge to my laurel academic, based on my ability to perform and my ability to produce the desired result.


I welcome you to this history making inauguration.


And, I hereby introduce you to the Tripodal Standing of the United African States [UAS] on the NEW AFRICA “S WORLD for the 6ws of: what, where, when, who, by who and for whom.


I am pleased to introduce you, the tripodal standing of the United African States; for the Global Ethnic African Race to promote, protect and defend the UAS “MISSION, DESIRES and its PURPOSES for its peoples in the NEW AFRICA” S WORLD [NAW].


In order for the global ethnic African race to reap the fruit of their hard work, the trees planted by their founding fathers who had hoped for this day to come before death took them away, this UAS being inaugurated, has arrived to harvest the fruit with you.


You and I must adopt the imperatives functionality of the UAS “tripodal standing on the thresholds of the SIXWS (6WS) of: WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHO, BY WHOM AND FOR WHOM !!! in the new Africa “s world [The trees planted by our grandparents and our parents were nursed and catered for by those of us who were concerned about their past, our presence and the future of Africentric self-empowerment resources in the application and utilization of their better future for this generation with full compensation.


I am glad that I did not alter or deviated from the audacity of their hopes, the freedom they sought the search they conducted and discovery they made, what they asked for that we now receive. I have faith, faith and trust in the past of my ancestral parents.


Their prudence efforts, involvement and commitment are the purpose that I am serving.


I will not betray their trust and the confidence that they have reposed in me. For me, this is the day that God has made and ordained for Africa’s full liberation, emancipation, integration and the achieved freedom for the United African States [UAS] citizens. AFRICAN  STATES INAUGURAL SPEECH



Is to define the 6ws, their importance and relevance.

To create awareness on the socioeconomics and self-empowered benefits;



Is for all its citizens to become equal on the world stage in economic parity, equilibrium and to educate and create awareness among its citizens that the Black African Race is the origingene from which all other human beings mutated.


Because there is no other human being who can produce black except the blacks themselves. The black Africans are producing blacks, brown, yellow, molatos and albinos. Black Africans cannot produce white human being, because there is no white human being.



Is to educate, teach, train and provide agriculture, farming techniques, pure water, good healthcare, safety, security, housing; modern technical know-how, roads; create wealth and distribute wealth; eradication of all causes of poverty and ignorance among all the UAS citizens. For all native Africans and all African descendants in the diaspora, I say onto you: „We are one here or there‟. We are united in diversity, in one global geopolitical and socioeconomics harmony with love, peace and prosperity for us. The tranquil of our self-empowerment with the audacity of all the Ethnic Africans‟ in the New Africa‟s world, remains a function of your responsibility and mine. Anyone who harms one of us harms all of us. Anyone who begas the UAS will be be-gased by the African race. If [you] en-gas the UAS and its citizens, we will en-gas you in-kind.


These are the tenet and intent of my administration‟s mission, desires and purposes to serve with the peoples, for the people and by the peoples with this and the succeeding generations. We will use all our capacities to perform and all our abilities to produce the desired results for ourselves and all our fellow citizens in the NAW.


I hereby remember all my mentors: Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa who adopted me as his son; invested £50 British Pounds and his best wishes and desire for me. He sent me to Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, who adopted me as one of his sons.


He introduced me to Emperor Haile-Selassie, Julius Nyerere, Jomo Kenyatta; Modibo Keita, Ahmed Benbella, Ahmed Sekou Toure, and Abdul Nasser. In June 16, 1961, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah introduced me to Dr. William Edward Burghardt Du Bois who supervised my research work and my written 3 proposal for the establishment of the African Development Bank [ADB].


I share no departure from the goodness and beliefs of these great men‟s hope that this day will come. I say to you:




Because I believed in your dream our founding fathers, that inauguration day of United African States will come. That is why I am proud to stand before you as the [First-African] citizen of the United African States; to celebrate this historic day with you even though, our founding fathers are not physically present with us, but, I can assure you that their spiritual presence are alive and present with us here and now; and hereinafter. To the credit, of our founding fathers, who started the faithful journey March 12, 1962, when they established the “Union of African States” in Casablanca, Morocco.


Many of those great African sons had lived for, worked for and died [for the United Africa States along the way] in same destination. Unfortunately, they did not arrive before death stopped them. Yes, it is true death has always been the greatest arch-fiend enemy of the Africans. Because, death was wrong to deny us the physical presence of Emperor Haile-Selaissie, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Ahmed Ben Bella, Ahmed Sekou Toure, Abdul Nasser, Teacher Julius Nyerere, Felix Houphouet, Patrice Lumuba, Dr. William Edward Burghardt Du-Bois, Jomo Kenyatta, and many great African compatriots whose presence would have added value and crowned this historic day with joy and delight for all.


Those men are the tripodal African heritage stand that will never die. In the antinomy of my belief and trust in God, I remain very grateful to all of them. I worked directly with some of these great men for the same cause and they instilled in me, the confidence and the audacity of hope that this day will come. I learnt my lessons well with them and I am not suffering from lost of faith, belief or trust deficit syndrome. I have lost my innocence.


The seed of hope with methods that they planted in me had since germinated, nurtured by me for the past 52 years and seven (7) months.


It has grown into big tree with worldwide branches into geopolitically and economically impacting on the political and leadership of the New World Order changes on the actualization of this historic day.


Once again, Africa is hereby reconnected without man made gun fired or artificial borders clashes which have for many centuries had separated and divided the UAS citizens. Whereas, the African cows are still grazing without borders.


The birth place of the Organization of African Unity [OAU] was in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in May 25, 1963. In my presence, Emperor Haile-Selasie said to his fellow African Heads of State and the Government leaders that:


“The Building of Union of African States is our mission and the purpose we are serving.” Teacher, President, Julius Nyerere, said to all: “This day marks the beginning of the United African States. 



It has taken this long time and difficult journey for us to achieve the 1962 mission and its purpose. Today, January 31, 2014 without their physical presence, their dream has come true. It is here now in Abuja, Nigeria, that the inauguration of the sovereignty and independence of the Federal Republic of the United African States [UAS] is being inaugurated in January 31, 2014. I thank you very much Nigeria; that in the Nigerian Constitution as amended in 2011, it was stated therein that:


“Nigeria Promote African Integration and Support African Unity” for providing the safety, hospitality and support for the United African States. It is our victory fought for and won without war or firing a gun at no one. My fellow Africans here at home and in the diaspora, I have accepted this multidimensional responsibility with the built-in challenges. I know precisely where I am going with your help and support. I know how to get there with you aboard with me in the same ship. The seas will be rough and the sailing will not always be smooth; but, with our joint efforts and hard work, we shall cross over and arrive together in our destination. When we arrive at our common destination, I have a master plan on how we can remain there permanently.


In order for me to operate and steer the engine of this ship, straight to its destination, we must be united and work together as a team to reach our goal. I am appealing to you to work for yourself and work with others on 4 the tasks and challenges ahead that we will certainly be facing. Bring your fuel and gasoline along with you to en-gas the running engine, so that it will have sufficient energy to take us to our common destination.


I am the driver; you are the conductors and the Federal Government of the United African States [UAS] is the operator and the governance. I know that the road will be rough, difficult and hard, but, it will not be harder than the many old roads which had led us to nowhere before. I am asking for our unity in diversity to reign, because therein is our strength, capacity to perform and our ability to produce our desired results.


I want to explore the new horizon with you, because I have seen a better future for all of us. I can see clearly the blue sky now that the cloud has dissipated and the green grass are growing on the loaming soil.


I want you to know that for the past 52 years and seven (7) months, I have been working for Africa causes without compensation.


I have been planting the green grass, nursing them as they grow; planning, studying, working, and looking for ways and means to free all African human race from hateful discriminations and suffering from racial dichotomy; economic disparity, disequilibrium, deprivation and benign-neglect attitudes; coupled with social trappings plagued by abject poverty, illiteracy, ignorance because my people have been locked inhumane in the global geopolitical-dehumanizing intentional man made windowless steel containers.


We the Africans have been harbored with illusion of inclusion without power or authority to effect a change for or against the African race or the African nations-states.


I know that some of you may not understand the full meaning of my claim because they have never been locked in non-inclusive social order drift-domain to suffer in the windowless economically deprived-peoples‟ steel containers, marginalized and denied of their equal rights and free hands of doing their own things like all others.


Because there are few of those who are suffering from trust deficit syndrome does not mean that they are not part of us anymore. Off course, they are.


The importance of this historic day is that it marks the dawn of a new beginning for the Africans; that God has made possible. As his children, God had given Africans this golden and real opportunity to rise up and follow the antinomian of His purpose that He has made us to serve.


Oh! Yes, we overcome the ordeal and we have arrived. This century has been ordained by God for the global African Race to reclaim their lost glory, respect, progress and socioeconomic prosperity.


Let African race use its human resources and self empowered authority to bring harmonious relationships among and between ourselves, love for one another; for unity and peaceful coexistence with all others persons for this and the succeeding generations.


We must be prepared and to be committed to work for love, peace, unity and prosperity.


This time around, the success or lack of success for the Global Ethnic African Race is a function of how we use what we have to get what we need and want by ourselves; and for the African Race; in order for the African Race to achieve their goals and their desired results. Any love or hate of any African race is a love or hate of all African Race in here or there.


The Africans are one and the same human race here or there. I will not join those who are blaming the past generation, because the past used the little they had to overcome their worst human ordeal, in order to get us here.


The past did not have the tools, materials, knowledge, knowhow, the quality of awareness, geopolitical self-empowerment and the means that the present generation has at its disposal.


I will join those who will rise up and be counted to blame the present generation [if] and when the present generation [fails] to combined Africans‟ human capacities to perform, their abilities to create, innovate and produce their needs and wants in order to achieve our desired results; to learn from one another how to use what we [as a people] have to produce and build a better future for this and the next succeeding generations of Africans.


My Administration will bring Africa from the past into the 21st Century and lay a solid foundation for the United African States [UAS] and for the United African States to become equal and the same with the rest of the world‟s geopolitical dynamism, as coequal in the economic progress and prosperity.

My Administration will use the following strategic framework for achieving the Mission, Desires and Purposes of the UAS:

  1. Form and build One UAS Judiciary Systems

  2. Build One UAS Legislative Senate and Parliament of the people, by the people, for the people and with the peoples.

  3. Elect One UAS Executive President for Administration and Leadership Governance;

  4. Form One UAS Defense Command Force: [Combined Army, Navy, Air force; Marines, Coast Guards etc]

  5. Adopt One UAS “Golden” Currency back by gold standards under the management of a Central Bank

  6. Build One UAS Economic System based on “Collective Ownership of factors of Production” under New Economic Macro-Market for Africa‟s System [NEMMAS].


Integrate United African Diasporan State covering Nine Regions: African Region, North American Region, South American Region, Asian Region, Arab-Nations‟ Region, Caribbean Region, European Region, Pacific-Islands Region and Russian Region and each Region with African Diasporan Commission. The UAS has loaming soiled lands. UAS will farm, grow own crops and produce organically grown nutritional foods and pure water for drinking; to feed its citizens. UAS must build healthcare facilities to treat the sick. UAS will design and build homes, roads, highways and railways.


UAS will combine citizens‟ innovative ideas and creativity to convert all its natural resources to produce all the products it needs and wants; to prepare for the safety, security, defense, preventive healthcare and wellness for all its peoples. UAS wants to produce all that it needs and wants by citizens. UAS must reclaim its citizens‟ lost glory, respect, dignity, equality, parity and equilibrium on the world stage, for what they are and [not] what they are considered to be, by others and for others.


My Administration has collectively identified the global geopolitical and socioeconomic problems besetting the Africans.


And, it has provided pertinent solutions to them. At present, Africa is the global consumers‟ continent. There are more than 18 million cars and vehicles plying on the African roads. Unfortunately, none of them was/is made in Africa. No cars, vehicles, telephones, TVs and other industrial products are made in Africa.


Yet, 89% of the whole world‟s strategic industrial raw materials and minerals for producing or for manufacturing finished products are from Africa.


As the African nations-states export their raw materials, they are also exporting the technical know-how, the processing from raw to turning it into finished products; the technology of conversion, value added, employments and jobs creation, tax for revenue generation, economic growth opportunities and better living conditions for their peoples.


In fact, the Africans are the only people who have been exporting their raw materials for [free] to foreign importing countries. If you claim that you do not know the cause of [the] Africans‟ poverty before, now you know it.


This is why my Administration must stop this practice now. Therefore, this administration has adopted the following policies:



  1. All African commodities must be price by the African Macro-Commodity Market [AMCM] and only 40% of all Africans‟ raw materials will henceforth be exported.

  2. It shall be required by my Administration that any of those who want to export Africans‟ raw materials shall be required to have license and to set up the same processing plants or factory in Africa first, at the site of the raw materials.

  3. To establish Africa’s Auto-maxima Corporation for:

  4. Aeronautics Manufacturing Corporation™

  5. Aeronautic Technology Systems University™

  6. NAW BANK University™

  7. Auto – Maxima Manufacturing Company™

  8. Automotive Manufacturing Corporation™

  9. Pan African Aviation Investment Agency

  10. African Agricultural MAX Manufacture Corporation™.

  11. African Medical MAX Manufacture Corporation™.


According to the UNO‟s world population census, there are 7 billion people in the world; and among them, are 4.7 billion Africans and African Descendants population in the world today; and they are the poorest human race. This is the major challenge for UAS Government, my administration and the global Ethnic Africans.


As the builders of the „New Africa‟s World‟ [NAW], the Global Ethnic Africans must be united and combine their human, materials, financial, technical know-how and natural resources to promote and develop self-sustainable anti-poverty socioeconomics system of „Collective Ownership of all Factors of Production‟ based on New Economic Macro Market System for Africa™


[NEMMSA]™” for the Ethnic Africans to create and distribute wealth among and between themselves; to eradicate all forms of abject poverty plaguing the Global Ethnic Africans throughout the global village.


My Administration will focus on the welfare and well beings of the Africans; and will engage the whole world‟s industries and all sectors of socioeconomics activities to create employment opportunities for the Ethnic Africans worldwide; to use the New Africa‟s World Bank [NAW-BANK] and African-American Development Bank [AAD-BANK]; to raise funds to finance the promotion, application, utilization and development of the Global Ethnic Africans‟ self-empowerment in the socioeconomics of demand and supply power to shape and effect a change for the betterment of the socioeconomics progress and prosperity of the peoples in the NEW WORLD ORDER;


-for peaceful coexistence among the peoples throughout the world. With the support and endorsement of China and USA;


-the NAW BANK will start its operations after President, Barack Obama, Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin;


-all African Presidents and all other world leaders have jointly laid the foundation stone of the bank February 1, 2014.


In order to resolve conflicts among and between African nations-States and lack of geopolitical and socioeconomic trust and social-religious affliction of north [above the Sahara desert and south below the Sahara], among the African nations-states, my administration has established:



There is still same Africa before, during and after the invasion, occupation, balkanization and enslavement of the Africans, by the Europeans. Whereas, the Africans are still in Africa and the Europeans have left Africa. Although, Africa was divided and separated by the Europeans, still, Africa had remained separated even after the Europeans had left over 50 years later. Ever since, the Africans have remained one ethnic people without sea boundaries but, one human race occupying one land mass; before the Europeans’ invaded and balkanize Africa for their own sole selfish socioeconomics use and benefits.


Whereas, U.A.S. has discovered a clear violation and criminality conduct by France and British governments against the Africans and the Bakassi tribe, which the International Court had overlooked because it was biased.


That has caused the post colonial dichotomization of ethnic Africans tribal divide which had resulted to benign-neglect and violation of the human rights of Bakassi tribe; that forced the separation of families and anti-peace conflicts that has belatedly led to murders of innocence persons, destruction of properties; the denial of Bakassi people’s human rights; the rights of occupancy and the right of living in their homeland that they were born into; inherited in Bakassi land.


Whereas, U.A.S. has discovered that there is hidden colonialists collusion doctrine of France with unwritten entrapment agenda with plans of action policy for causing social unrest and for the destabilization of Nigeria for anti-peaceful coexistence and prosperity of the defenseless Nigerians by using Bakassi border between Nigeria and Cameroon.


Apparent geopolitical and socioeconomics involvement of France’s hidden motives, and colonialism interest to destabilize the peaceful coexistence between Nigeria and Cameroon’s Governments has been directed by France.


Because when and (if) Bakassi land in Nigeria is returned to Cameroon, then France can have direct access to the petroleum and gas deposit in Bakassi, just like France is doing with Cameroon timber woods.


Whereas, The UNITED AFRICAN STATES is duty bound to correct the wrong doings of the colonialists aria and Cameroon as one ethnic Tribe is hereby returned to the Bakassi Tribe People.


The colonialist force measure used in Bakassi was criminal act against Bakassi tribe whose rights were violated.


Therefogainst UAS‟ citizens is hereby supported by the UNITED AFRICAN DIASPORAN STATES in the reclamation of the Bakassi land in Nigeria and the Bakassi land in Cameroon.


To reunite the Bakassi tribe in Nigere, the UAS Government has hereby restored the land border between Nigeria and Cameroon Governments to the Bakassi State, UAS.


Whereas, U.A.S. knows that the land border dispute could cause or lead to military intervention and create an enigmatic geopolitical civil unrest that could lead to further human rights violation and challenge the heritage legitimacy right of occupancy of the land by the African-Bakassi ancestral parents whom before the arrival of the French and British colonial divide.


Therefore, FEDERATED UNITED AFRICAN STATES has issued a [Native Africans’ Lands-Ownership Decree]; and has taken over the entire Bakassi landed areas and returned it to the Bakassi African ethnic tribes and the geographical boundaries split divide by France colonialist of the Bakassi people who are in both Nigeria and Cameroon as one ethnic tribe and one citizenry of the UNITED AFRICAN STATES [U.A.S.].


Whereas, The UAS Government has declared Bakassi a Semi-Autonomous State separated it from Nigeria and Cameroon; and it has reunited the Bakassi people in the Western Cameroon Land Areas which was formerly part of Nigeria before the amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914 by the British and France during their colonial rule; to the Bakassians in Nigeria side and in Cameroon side], as being merged and reclaimed by Bakassi peoples as the UAS land and an integral geographical part of Africa. It is hereby declared that the former two BAKASSI before is now [one] AUTONOMOUS STATE.


It is UNITED AFRICAN STATES’ NAVY BASE HEADEDQUARTERS. My Administration has awarded the surveying, designing, planning, building and the development of UAS’ NAVY FORCES BASE COMMAND HEADQUARTERS AT BAKASSI CONTRACT, TO THE USA GOVERNMENT’S ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS; to design, construct and build the Navy Base for the UAS Government.




The projects and programs development including among all others: the design, planning, construction and building of 350,000 housing units, hospitals, health clinics, schools, offices, community programs-activities and social interactions centers; the government houses, state house of assembly, legislative quarters, law courts, staff offices; the governor residence and offices and sundry social amenities contracts have been awarded to the CHINA GOVERNMENT by my administration.


We have therefore, directed Prof. Medo Misama, Chairman of the UAS’ Constitution Drafting Committee and his team to write and submit for use, sooner than later, the [Semi-Legal-Autonomous] BAKASSI State’s Creation Decree; for self governing state affairs and for use to conduct the statewide general elections for the Bakassi State’s Assembly and for the State’s Governor inclusively, under the aegis of the UNITED AFRICAN STATES GOVERNMENT.


ATONEMENT RECONCILIATION & CONFLICT RESOLUTION AND RESETTLEMENT COMMISSION For the restoration of the oneness of the Africans [both and north and south] with or without Sahara desert, the African nations-states cannot allow foreign economic interests protection to undermine and continue to replace the natural love for one another by the Africans and for the Africans on one hand and peaceful coexistence throughout Africa and the whole world, on the other hand; under the auspices and the aegis of New African Nation in the New Africa‟s World.


My Administration has decided to deal with the conscious realities on the ground. As such, it has established Atonement, Reconciliation and Resettlement Commission [ARRC]; to remove the existing geopolitical and the lacks of their social interactive dichotomies between the north and south [above the Sahara desert]; for the promotion of peaceful coexistence in UAS and the maintenance of law and order in African nation-states.


The geopolitical and religious dichotomy bias for or against all is causing affliction as disguised dialectic affront for supporting terrorism attacks or undeclared war on the African Continent is apparent and self evident.


The direct involvement of the United States of America [USA] is a functional response to the calling for protection and defense of the whole African nations-states against terrorism and/or undeclared war against the African nations-states/UAS.


Likewise, those northern African nations-states which are suffering from civil unrest caused by colonial foreign master has armed the broke-away element is the arch-fiend enemy of African peace; and it should be treated as such by the USA and UAS Governments.


Before the rebels can be regrouped to claiming separate nation-statehood they must be identified by the Commission and atoned, reconciled with and to be reunited as one free border state with their original predated ethnic-dialectic nation-state(s) [before the arrival of the colonial master]; with equal privileges to carry and equal rights to claim in the affairs of the Federal United African States [UAS] with equal home-base territories.


The Atonement and Reconciliation Commission will be in the Presidency in the meantime.

9 NEW AFRICA‟S WORLD BANK [NAW-BANK] AND AFRICAN AMERICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK [AAD-BANK] The native Africans and all African descendants in the Diaspora had a Summit and met in New York and Maryland States on two separate dates in USA.

They adopted an irrevocable and irreversible resolution which established the NAW-BANK and AAD BANK. And, they chartered both NAW-BANKS as private-public banks for the reconstruct, rehabilitate and the socioeconomics development of Africa and all African descendants‟ communities; in 2003, in USA.


The Africans were aware that after they have been ruined, dehumanized, enslaved with biased and are suffering from benign-neglect syndrome of colonialism with varied human rights violations and deprivation, decided that they cannot allow the Africans to be entrapped again by the Europeans.


The Africans authorized the NAW-BANK and the AAD-BANK to provide support funds for financing the implementation and execution of the ACTS‟100 Years‟ Master Plan.


My Administration has adopted: “AFRICA, OKAY, WE‟RE OKAY” policy that, provides and supports for all African nation-states [under the aegis of the UAS], which are recovering from civil wars MUST be reconstructed, rehabilitated and developed inclusively as a priority; with direct funding facilities and support by the Federated United African States [UAS] Government;

with the support by the New Africa‟s World Bank [NAW-BANK],

African-American Development Bank [AAD-BANK];

African-American Development Fund [AAD-FUND]. AFRICAN  STATES INAUGURAL SPEECH

The Bureau of New African Nation Development Fund [NAND-FUND], Bureau of USAfrica Infrastructures Development Fund [USAID-FUND]; and Bureau of China African Development Fund [CHAD FUND] will co-manage the Funds. The UAS will economically be integrated with capacity to perform and the ability to produce the needed desired parity, equality in socioeconomics developmental equilibrium for all the United African States union.


The three nations with African development fund programs that will benefit and to be rewarded for their contributory and supportive funds are:  New African Nation Development Fund [NAND FUND] has nine permanent seats each in the NAWBANK‟S

  • Board of Governors and Board of Directors; USAID-FUND has three permanent seats each in the NAW-BANK‟s Board of Governors and Boardof Directors;

CHAD-FUND has three permanent seats each in the NAW-BANK‟s Board of Governors and Board of Directors.

UNITED AFRICAN STATES STRATEGIC DEFENSE INITIATIVES In view of the facts that, the African-nations-states are still too vulnerable from the past to present, the entire African nations-states too exposed to military invasion. The UAS under my administration has established the first United African States‟ Bureau for the New African Nation [NAN] Defense Command, with High Ranking Cabinet level status that will be operated, managed by the United African States Citizens themselves as follows:

  1. The Bureau for NAN Defense Command;

  2. The Bureau of NAN Naval Defense Forces Command

  3. The Bureau of NN Air Defense Forces Command

  4. The Bureau of NAN Marine & Sea-Coast Defense Forces

  5. The Bureau of NAN National Guard and Security Forces

  6. The Bureau of NAN National Federal Police Forces

  7. The NAW Defense Systems University™ [NAW-DESU]

  8. The Bureau of NAN National African Security Analysis, Research, Planning and Strategic Studies [NASA-REPLASS]

  9. The Bureau of NAN National Strategic Defense PolicySystems Development Technology.


10 To build strong Pan African defense forces to protect and defend Africa, each African nation-state is required to contribute at least 10% of its state‟s population and 60% of its current armed forces to serve in the UAS Armed Forces. Over the years, many foreign nations with ulterior motives were encouraged in support of the rebellions activities and civil wars in Africa by France for example, which provides arms, ammunitions, training and funding with the guise that they were helping those Africans to gain recognition and leadership status among themselves or with other nations-states in Africa.


Whereas the motives were based on their economic interests in order for them to continue to have access to the supply of the African-nation-states‟ raw materials to feed their home based industries for the sustenance of its own economies. It is self-evident by now that it is only those Africans‟ nations-states where vital and strategic raw materials that were badly needed by Europeans are deposited that they were caused to be engaged in civil wars directly and indirectly supported and or sponsored by France and other Europeans‟ interest groups nations.


For instance, let France stop importing raw materials from the French speaking African nations-states, there will no unrest in those African nations-states again.

Check these African states out:

Nigerian civil war, for crude oil

  • Sudan civil war, for crude oil

  • D.R. Congo civil war, gold, uranium, diamond etc

.·  Liberian civil war, rubber, gold, iron ore etc.

  • Sierra-Leone civil war, diamond, iron ore

  • Ivory Coast civil war, iron-ore, gold, diamond

  • The native Africans have known now that they must let it be known that we have lost our innocence. The quality of the native Africans‟ awareness is must be enhanced as we regain our lost geopolitical powers and global economic leverages in the global affairs. The native Africans‟ capacity to function and ability to understand themselves and their real friends and their enemies as the world changes cannot be under estimated anymore, because the UAS will reciprocate to any undermines acts with its own means, methods, tool and equipment. From now on, any country which provides [any] arms or weapons of war to any rebel or rebels and/or support terrorism and rebellious acts in any African Nation-State in the United African States, will be declared an arch -fiend enemy of the UAS and the Global Ethnic Africans by my Administration.


Africans and all Global Ethnic Africans in the world will be encouraged and shall be mobilized to declare economic war against such country(s) and the United African States will reciprocate with all means necessary. All Africans without nuclear weapon, are hereby encouraged and be supported to use their “soap and salt” to protect and defend Africa.



It has been the custom and tradition of all African civilizations, that the traditional rulers and leaders are integral part of government, by playing special leadership roles in the governing of the people, before, during and after the advent of colonialism. We have seen the gradual erosion and marginalization for the gradual removal or fading away of the roles and involvement of the African Traditional Rulers in the political process and in the governing affairs of the Africans. The Africans‟ political dynamics and leadership have been Europeanized. The ostracism of the traditional rulers must be replaced with the Africentric direct involvement in the polite of traditional leadership in the governing of the communities and localities.


The Africans ought to know and must remember, that it was the African Traditional Rulers who maintained and sustained and held onto the African culture, tradition, languages and moralities before, during and after the colonial era in Africa. Otherwise, the foreign land speculators and invaders of Africa could have taken over Africa forever.


Therefore, my Administration has established the National Assembly for the Traditional 11 Council of African Culture and Traditions, as the Fourth Tier in the Governing Council of the Federal Government of the United African States. NATIVE AFRICANS & AFRICAN DESCENDANTS IN DIASPORANS It is true that slavery was used to scatter, remove and separate native Africans from Africa, against their will. AFRICAN  STATES INAUGURAL SPEECH

We must not forget that the reasons of enslavement of the Africans are still very much present and those who enslaved the Africans are still very much at work. They now have better and new methods. They have adopted modern methods they use for their re-enslavement of Africans again. At present they have started undeclared [Third World War on African Soil Only] with the approval of the UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL, against the innocent Africans with the abstention of the USA.


The China government is supporting its interests in the Africa, and the UAS government and defending the Africans. The European warriors are led by France which is using their “NATO” concerns policy doctrine. France military [in civilian clothing/uniform] are at present occupying: Ivory Coast, Mali, DR of Congo, Central African Republic, Rwanda and Burundi.


Dr. Goodluck Jonathan alone is quietly fighting this very serious war with France. Due to the fact that most Nigerians are not reading correctly the written signs on the walls all over Africa, the Nigerians are blaming their President for being too weak and undecided on what to do or how to lead the blindly. Let me remind you all, that since 1914, Nigeria has been too vulnerable to France because the British took Nigeria away France.


Since then, France took over Benin Republic in west of Nigeria; Niger Republic in Northwest of Nigeria; Cameroon southeast of Nigeria and Chad Republic northeast [all French speaking states] of Nigeria. Thanks to USA and Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama‟s administration for their positive response to my request for US African Defense Command and the Bi-National Agreement and Commission for protecting and defending Nigeria.


You did not know before, but, you know now, otherwise, you have been informed. You, native Africans have learnt a great lesson from the past and the saddening history must not be allowed to repeat it-self ever again in Africa. The African Heads of State and Government adopted a far reaching historic resolution granting automatic dual citizenship of Africa; to all African descendants in the diaspora, with equal privileges to carry and equal rights to claim in the affairs of Africa including: Leadership, Governing Order and Socioeconomic Developmental and Defense of Africa.


That was one of the remarkable and monumental achievements by the African Union and the Constitutive Governments. I am proud of the African leaders for their adoption of the resolution. In view of the fact that there are millions of African descendants in all parts of the world, as dual citizens of Africa; and as indigenes of United African Diasporan State [UADS], who are integral part of Africa as the 6th Region of Africa, have autonomous human right for governing themselves amongst and within all governments of the people for the people and by the people, representing the best interests of the entire African Racial Groups in the Diaspora for all their inclusion in geopolitical, socioeconomics, leadership equal participations, representation and socioeconomics developmental affairs for their self promotion, self protection and for self defense.



My Administration is fully engaged in the implementation and execution of the ACT‟s 100 Years‟ Master Plan and the Nigerian Ten Years‟ economic and Infrastructures Development Master Plan for the UAS strategic economics, infrastructures and development scheduled plans of action, as follows:

  1. Agriculture, food and water production, supply and distribution

  2. Energies, electrical, solar power, windmill dams and sundry power supply;

  3. Infrastructures development of superhighways, roads, railways, projects and programs implementation and execution;

  4. Education and Training with [Free Primary and Secondary];

  5. Healthcare, Wellness and Preventive care and welfare;

  6. Housing, roads, highways and Community Development;

  7. Communications Systems Technology and Transportation;

  8. Modernized, Efficient, Reliable and Dependable Transportation by air, land and sea;

  9. Environmental Sanitation, Water Dams and water supply Safety and Security.

AGRICULTURE, FOOD & WATER PRODUCTION, SUPPLY & DISTRIBUTION Africa is the most blessed continent with only two tropical weathers dry season and raining season with fertile lands for agriculture. The African farmers in the 50s and 60s do not use fertilizers to grow their crops.

Yet they were enabled to grow crops for their local demands and for exports. Until the importation of foreign diet foods were introduced.


That over time period replaced the African diet in every household. As a result, African farmers were forced to abandon farming and the Africans became net-importers of food. My Administration will revert to self sufficient in food production in Africa with modernized systems approach for Africa‟s mechanized organic farming and 10,000 modernized animal husbandry Cattle Ranching Communities equipped with water, hospital, schools road networks for the Fulani in Nigeria.


Also, water has been recognized as human being‟s living partner. Therefore, it is the responsibility of my administration to prioritize the purification of water, mass provision and supply of water to the people, plants and animals is a priority.


ENERGY-POWER PROVISION AND SUPPLY In today‟s world, energy-power provision and supply is the live-wire of human survival, living and integral part of technological development. Africa is one of the most blessed continents with tropic of cancer, equator, tropic of Capricorn and constant, reliable, predictable and efficient source of “SUN” energy in the world.


My Administration in the Presidency, will engage in the research of using all available means and methods to explore and exploit the supply, application and utilization of Africa‟s tropical SUN energy, windmill, hydrowater dams to generate electrical power provision and supply for all Africa‟s developmental sectors.


ACTS‟ 100 YEARS‟ MASTER PLAN It is not true that plans for Africa fail. Rather, it is true that the nations-states in Africa failed to plan. The ACT‟s 100 Years‟ Master Plan is a unique and multipurpose plan of action in character, material and content. It is the first of its kind ever put together in the world. It has a provision to engage all sectors of global economic activities for the next 100 years. My direct commitment and involvement in the African Continental Tolls [ACT‟S] Infrastructures Development 100 Years‟ Master Plan has been well documented.


The African interstate roads network, super-highways and railways networks; water and power supply; communications and transportation networks; urban-rural development of housing; industries and healthcare facilities must be developed as a base for Africa‟s industrial take off in accordance with the ACT‟s 100 Years‟ Master Plan strategies. FINANCING THE INDUSTRIALIZATION & DEVELOPMENT OF AFRICA NATIONS-STATES‟ PLANS OF ACTION  Africans and African descendants in the diaspora have joined Africans here at home in the establishment of the New Africa‟s World Bank [NAW-BANK] and the African American Development Bank [AAD-BANK]; to provide the funds to finance the ACT‟s 100 Years‟ Master Plan and African Diasporan States.


Every African or African descendant that is twenty (20) or more years old will be eligible to buy at least $1,000 worth of share(s) in the two banks each and the UAS Federal Government and all the States, UADS States; municipal cities, counties and local governments‟ their agencies, corporate entities and all registered corporations operating in the African territories will be required to buy shares in the NAW-BANK and the AAD-BANK in adherence to Africentric socioeconomics collective ownership doctrine.



Under the aegis of my administration, the UAS Government will acquire and dispose off, all the Africans‟ nations-states‟ foreign debts and/or outstanding loans so that all African Nations-States will be freed from foreign debts burden.

The NAW-BANK and AAD-BANK as a policy will provide INTEREST FREE loans and loan or treasury bonds guarantees; and they will charge a fixed 3.5% service fee per transaction for the life of [any] loan or loan and bonds guarantees issued by the UAS/STATES Governments, private and public sectors. All the roads, highways, railways, housing, water, energies and healthcare facilities will be self-financed and selfsustained, free and at no cost extra to the federal and/or states‟ governments. All the projects and programs will be self-actualizing and self-sustainable at all levels.

They will generate revenues for the federal and states‟ governments and they shall be self-supporting and self-sustaining at all times. All loans to the private sector shall be based on and/or be guided by the “invest, build, operate and manage [IBOM]” policy. The Global Headquarters of the NAW-BANK and the AAD-BANK will be located at the New Africa‟s World [NAW-TOWN] in the Federal Capital of the United African States, Abuja, Nigeria, UAS.


The African Regional Headquarters of the NAW-BANK will be located at Johannesburg, South Africa and: The West African Sub-Regional Headquarters will be located at Dakar, Senegal. The North African sub-Regional Headquarters will be located at Khartoum, Sudan. The Central African sub-Regional Headquarters will be located at Kinshasa, D.R. of Congo. The Southern African sub-Regional Headquarters will be in Botswana.


The East African sub-Region Headquarters of the NAW-BANK will be located at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The North American Regional Headquarters will be in Washington, D.C. U.S.A. and the Sub-Regional will be located Ontario Canada; The Caribbean Regional Headquarters will be located in Kingston, Jamaica. The South American Regional Headquarters will be located in Brasilia, Brazil. The Asian Regional Headquarters will be located in Beijing, China. And the sub-Regional Headquarters will be located in:

(1) New Delhi, India,

(2) Papua New Guinea,

(3) Indonesia, and

(4) Australia etc.


The European Regional Headquarters of the NAW-BANK will be located in Berlin Germany. The Russian Federation Regional Headquarters will be located in Moscow, Russia. The Arab nations Regional Headquarter of the NAW BANK will be located at Dubai.


EDUCATION AND TRAINING Education and training are the bed rock of every progressive society and it is the seed for the African nationsstates to harvest. The functional effectiveness, reliability, dependability, sustainability and quality of awareness; the know-how acquired, capacity to perform and ability to produce the desired results for the citizens of the United African States [UAS] are the permanent primary obligation and functional responsibility of my Administration. Educated people are informed people who know and understand the meaning of the [6ws] of: what? Where? When? Who? by Who? and for whom? Who are they, where they are 14 going, how they intend to get there; and by what mean they can use to get there.


When they arrive there, how they will sustain and remain there indefinitely? Therefore, my Administration is committed and it is obliged to lay the perpetual foundation by starting September 1, 2014; and in September 1, 2015 in Africa; with the UAS government‟s backed plans of action and sponsored compulsory FREE PRIMARY SECONDARY SCHOOL & Technical Educational System Throughout Africa; so that sooner than later, illiteracy and ignorance can be eliminated among all Africans. By September 1, year 2-019, all the UAS‟ Sciences, Technical and Engineering Universities will be [100% FREE] for all the UAS citizens only.


As a target, for the [first] one hundred [100] years‟ plans of action, private schools, colleges and universities and all post secondary education levels will be subsidized; and all training in mathematics, computer/sciences, civil-technical and mechanical engineering, aeronautical technical research engineering, communications and broadcasting technologies, preventative healthcare, medical/scientific education-training studies, environmental, air-space studies; research; mechanical and civil engineering systems studies will be subsidized by the UAS‟ federal government at ninety percent [80%] with a ten percent [10%] contribution fee by all students, and 10% by the UAS Government; at college and university levels.



All approved medical and scientific research project(s) shall be financed 100% free by the UAS‟ federal government and 80% of all positive result interests in any invention(s) shall be owned and retained by the UAS‟ federal government.


The inventor(s) or other party(s) ownership reward will be pegged at 60% for the life of the invention(s). After the evaluation of the existing schools, colleges and universities, where necessary and needed, renovation, reconstructed, rehabilitated and development with modern equipment, tools, materials and supplies of the 21st Century facilities will be done or provided. New schools, colleges and universities will be built to accommodate the increasing population‟s demands.


INCREASE SALARIES AND WAGES My Administration has decided to create at 10 million new jobs per annum for the next 10 years in Nigeria; and to increase all the school teachers, lecturers, professors, police officers and all soldiers, navy, air-force and marine armed forces officers, medical doctors and nurses‟ salaries and benefits by 400% from September 1, 2014. All [single Jolly Just Come] police and the armed forces officer shall be entitled to one (1) bed room with one (1) bathroom, one parlor and in-kind dining area in duplex.


All married with children police and all armed forces officers will be entitled to a complete three and five (3-5) bedrooms housing unit with large collective play grounds facilities in the complex. All daily wages in Nigeria from September 1, 2014 shall be increased to at least N800.00 per day. My Administration will bring into Nigeria, at least 60,000 University professors, 40,000 university lecturers and 800,000 civil engineers into Nigeria in the next ten (10) years to work and teach Nigerians all subjects. HEALTHCARE, WELLNESS & WELFARE The optimal health, wellness and welfare of the citizens of any nation are the most valuable assets and wealth of the nation.


The wellness of the citizens of the United African States is a function of the citizens‟ ability to perform and capacity to produce. Therefore, it is the duty, obligation and responsibility of my Administration to provide tools and modern equipment needed to ensure that the United African States healthcare facilities for its citizens are available, affordable with all the necessary personnel are within the reach of all the citizens.


Modern medicine and qualified medical doctors from all parts of the world will be made readily available to provide efficient, reliable and dependable quality healthcare for the citizens. The current clinics, hospitals and healthcare centers and facilities will be evaluated, renovated, reconstructed, rehabilitated and equipped with the 21st century healthcare medical technology and the necessary tools, 15 equipment, materials and staff for the clinics in the urban, rural areas and some desirable new government owned hospitals will be constructed and developed in all the States. There will be at least one

[1] Nine Star Hospitals in each State‟s capital; that will be designed, constructed and financed, equipped and staffed by the UAS‟ federal government, at no cost to the states. In the Federal UAS Capital city, there will be at least three

(3) Nine Star Hospitals, equipped with the best world-class medical doctors-surgeons, with technologically advanced tools, equipment, materials and medical supplies. They will be supported by the NAW-BANK and AAD-BANK.

There will be one major first class hospital, financed 100% by the banks in:

  1. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, for East African Sub-Region

  2. Dakar, Senegal/Conakry, Guinea for West African Region

  3. Kinshasa, DR Congo for Central African sub-Region

  4. Tripoli, Libya for Northern African Region

  5. Johannesburg, South Africa for the Southern African Region

  6. Kinston, Jamaica, for the Caribbean Region No longer should the Africans leaders have to leave Africa for medical treatment in Europe and elsewhere when some of the world‟s best doctors residing in foreign nations are African origin.

We must rebuild hospitals, equip them and provide incentives and encouragements for the Africans medical doctors to provide medical services and make it attractive for those overseas to come home.

HOUSING AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT For the avoidance of urban slums and the systematic elimination of further growth of urban slums in the cities which have been neglected, my Administration plans to renovate, reconstruct, rehabilitate old buildings and develop at least 400 million new houses with three and five bedrooms in both urban and rural areas.


The plan is to provide funds to finance 100% of the building of 50,000 new houses unit at no cost to each state, in the Nigerian federation. The States must donate the land where the houses will be built. Every housing unit must be self-financed and shall be one of the sources of revenue generation for the states, cities, municipalities and towns. It will create many job opportunities for thousands of citizens and provide wide and varied business opportunities for the local entrepreneurs. If they make nails, they have worked. If they make doors, they have worked. If they are carpenters, masons, painters, steel benders, roofers and drivers, they have jobs. 


THE NAW BANK‟S REGIONAL HEADQUARTERS In order ensure of efficient operation and management, my administration has planned for each African Regional Headquarters. Because there is expected population surge from now, the following particular African nations-states with the ACT‟s Master Plan must build millions of housing units, for the government offices, quarters, residential buildings and commercial offices shall be constructed and built in: NIGERIA

  1. The new Federal Capital of UAS in Abuja, Nigeria, UAS, is to include the NAWBANK/AAD-BANKS buildings in Nigeria are

(1): Global Headquarters of strategic healthcare facilities in the city;

(2) 50,000 housing units in each Nigeria‟s 36 states, for a total of 3,000,000 houses in Nigeria.


NOTE: Construction and development of all necessary infrastructures and strategic facilities projects and programs in Nigeria have been awarded to the United States of America and the China governments, under the NEPAD PORTOFOLIO and their industries and professional services. Their industrial and professional services works will start as soon as their logistics and mobilization plans are completed and finalized within the next 90 days. 16 ETHIOPIA

  1. For the East African Sub-Region, the NAW-BANK/AAD-BANK in Ethiopia, NAWBANK/AAD-BANK staffs and for the Ethiopian citizens, 1,000,000 Housing Units will be constructed, developed and financed 100% at no cost to the Ethiopian Government.


NOTE: The construction and development of infrastructures projects and programs in Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia have been allotted to the United States of America and the China governments, their industries and services sectors. Work will start as soon as the logistics and mobilization plans of action are completed and finalized.


  1. Senegal in West African sub-Region NAW-BANK and AAD-BANK staffs and the Senegal citizens 1,000,000 housing units;

  2. Kinshasa, in Central African Region NAW-BANK/AAD-BANK staff and D.R. Congo citizens 1,000,000 housing units;

  3. Tripoli/Algiers, in North African Region NAW-BANK/AAD-BANK staff and the Libyan/Algerian citizens 1,000,000 housing units; and 6. Johannesburg, in South African Regional Headquarters NAW-BANK/AAD-BANK staff and South African citizens 1,200,000 housing units.



The success or lack of success of any government with the tenets of its geopolitical, socioeconomics stability; peaceful coexistence, progress and prosperity of its citizens, is a function of its effective, reliability, efficiency and dependability of its land use and commitment of its space-cell and land-cable communications systems‟ technology and its air and land transportation systems.


My Administration will engage the public and private sectors for the provision of reliable, efficient, dependable, enabling and effective land and space systems communications networks with the tools, equipment for lands and space communications; to provide air, sea and land transportation systems service to cover the entire Africa and the world for the enhancement of national protection, safety and security, by using 21st century technologies.


AERONAUTIC AND SPACE TECHNOLOGY UNIVERSITY In ages past, the ancient Africans were aware about the importance and the significance of aeronautics, air and space transportation system and technology that was why they recorded their ideas on their dwelling caves‟ walls.


Belatedly, the modern Africans have been left out almost completely from the practice or the drawings on paper the feelings or the idea of modern thinking about a real aeronautic and space know-how technology acquisition in Africa.


My Administration as a matter of must and urgency, will establish 100% Federal Government sponsored African Aeronautic and Space Technology University [AASTU] with the following Departments:

  1. Air and Space Planning and Research Department

  2. Institute of Research, Engineering and Development

  3. Mechanical, Engineering Studies and Production Department

  4. Industrial and Commercial Education Aviation Training Department

  5. Air and Space Research Technical Systems Operations and Management Department

  6. Space Engineering Technology Department There will be one main campus and five off campuses of the University to be located at: a.

  7. The main Campus of the Aeronautic and Space Technology University [ASTU] b. Off Campus in the Eastern Part of Africa c. Off Campus in the Western Part of Africa d. Off Campus in the Central Part of Africa e. Off Campus in the Southern Part of Africa f. Off Campus in the Northern Part of Africa AFRICAN CONTINETAL UNIVERSITY The existing African Continental University will be adopted by the Federal Government with all its global plans, operations, management and academic status.


There will be main and nations-states‟ campuses in all parts of Africa and in the Nine Regions of the global village for the United African Diasporan State.

ENVIRONMENTAL SANITATION, SAFETY AND SECURITY Since the good healthcare of the people is the wealth of the nation, thus, the success of the nation is a function of its environment sanitation, safety and security is one of the mission and purpose of this administration.


My Administration will introduce an Environmental Protection Act [EPA] program to ensure that the entire national environment is protected, guided, kept clean, safe and secured by all and for all and sundry.


The subject and courses covering all sectors of human and natural environmental sanitation, protection and preservation studies must be taught at all levels of education and training as national compulsory programs and courses.


The Federal Ministry of Environment and Protection Agency and the sub-agencies will be mandated to develop sanitary rules, regulations and to impose fines against any violators.


The environment inspectors shall be trained, licensed and authorize to arrest any violator of its rules; and there shall be Special Environmental Courts [SEC] which shall be established in the states to try and impose appropriate punishments on the offenders of the laws.


The late President John F. Kennedy of the United States of America said: “Ask not what America can do for you, but, you ask what you can do for America.” I, as the First Executive President of the United African States, I say onto you:


“Ask what you Can I Do for Africa Now in my Life time”? I want to use this opportunity to thank His Excellency, Dr. Goodluck E. Jonathan for his dedication, commitment and involvement and support for: “This inauguration of the “United African States.” His adoption of UAS doctrine: UNITY IN DIVERSITY is marching on with: Forward Ever and Backward Never.


” The declaration of the United African States took place since January 31, 2010. I know that this road leading to the common destination in the Africa‟s tick tropical forest will be difficult to construct because there are many valleys, rocks, hills, mountains to climb, wet and dry lands.


There will be many hills, ups and down mountains which are not visible; the sandy deserts and hard dooms are ahead. I ask you not, who you are, but I am asking you to leave legacy bench marks for your own contribution along the road; for this and next generations to inherit. That they can grow to benefit from it.


Please remember, the United States of America was also declared a sovereign nation in July 4, 1776 by its concerned citizens. Likewise, the United African States was declared January 31, 2010. Join me to build the United African States for this and the succeeding generations. Let us rake the leaves towards ourselves and use them to provide manure for our farm lands to grow the seeds we sow, that will grow the crops that we will reap.


Africans left Africa to build the Americas, Asia and Europe without compensation. The time has come for the Africans to return to Africa as dual citizens of Africa with equal privilege to carry and equal rights to claim in the affairs of Africa; and to build the United African States with the 21st century technologies. 18 Africa is the cradle of all human origin and civilization.


Therefore, we are the world and we are the people of the world. Any harm done to one of us is a harm done to all of us here or there. Therefore, we must unite to reclaim our lost pride, joy, respect and dignity among ourselves for ourselves and others.




economic doctrine is being enforced by my administration is an arch-fiend policy which adheres to the [6ws] formula for the promotion and protection of the NEW ECONOMIC PARTNERSHIP FOR AFRICA‟S DEVELOPMENT [NEPAD], projects and programs contracts awarded to [USA].


Because USA was the first nation which had responded positively to the request made by the United States African Development Consortium World Group [USADC WORLD GROUP] with my directives, in August 5, 1998 when it asked all nations in the world; to please join its established New Economic Partnership for African Development [NEPAD].


Immediately, President Clinton, acted for the USA and established New Africa‟s Infrastructures Development Fund [NAID-FUND] with $350 million [which now has grown to over $70 billion US Dollars in the fund]; and placed it under the aegis of its Overseas Private Investment Corporation [OPIC] Agency.


The name: New Africa‟s Infrastructures Development Fund [NAID-FUND] was changed after June 11, 2008 when President Barack Obama added $3.5 Billion US Dollars for Africa‟s Agricultural Technology Development and as African Americans became dual citizens of Africa; to the Fund to: United States African Infrastructural Development [USAID].


Therefore, the USA economic support for Africa “s development has prequalified the USA by its decision taken and its involvement in the positive response to establishing the USA” s own funding system enabling it to receive the complete benefits of the ACTS “full participation and the audacity of the US economic performance in all Africa’s development infrastructures, technical know-how and financial resources to produce the desired results for Africa.


The UAS-NEPAD COMMISSION has awarded exclusively, the following projects and programs to USA:


  • To design and dredge River Niger from Atlantic Ocean to Lokoja in Nigeria award awarded to USA Government.

  • To design and build 8 Lanes car bridge; railways lines, 4 lakes walkway 2 on each side for pedestrians across River from Asaba to Onitsha township;

  • To design and construct 12 highway roads and railway lines from Dakar, Senegal West African to Somalia East African Via Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Togo, Benin Republic, Nigeria, Central Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo on Somalia contract awarded to USA Government;

  • To design and construct 12 Lanes Highways and railway lines from Cape Town, South Africa via Botswana, Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Chad onto Tripoli, Libya award awarded to USA Government;

  • To design and build 200 million housing units with materials; and 6,000 modern hospitals withm aterials, tools and equipments and medical facilities, awarded award to USA Government;

  • For General Motors Company to supply all [MADE IN USA ONLY] cars, buses, trucks, trailers, vehicles, machinery, machinery, tools, equipment, materials spare parts and to establish GMC factory production in Africa for the UAS and world’s market in due time.

  • For Ford Motor Company to supply all [MADE IN USA ONLY] cars, vehicles, buses, trailers, trucks, machinery, equipment, equipment, materials, spare parts parts automotive accessories / sundry products and to establish its production factory in USA in due time.

  • For Chrysler Motor Company to supply all [MADE IN USA ONLY] cars, picks ups, buses, vehicles, machines, engines and all Chrysler company products for African market and to establish Chrysler Production Factory in UAs in due time.

  • For John Deer Company to provide all types of farming tractors, all planters, harrow, harvesters and spare parts, machinery, machinery and all mechanized farming tools, equipment and materials and to establish John Deer Farm Tractors and sundry Products Factory in UAS in due time.

  • For Boeing and all USA Aircraft Production

Do share your views about UAS, ask questions, and any useful hints concerning the organization or her recruitment process in the comment section below.


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