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Address: 28, Julius Nyerere Crescent Asokoro, Nigeria

U.A.S Tel: (Nigeria) Tel: +234(0)706-611-0131, +234(0)813-842-7921


Website: www.,



In accordance with resolution adopted in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on January 31st in the year 2010 by the African Union (AU) summit of Consultative Heads of States and government leaders, the unilateral declaration of the Federal Republic of United African States natural rights, historical injuries, enslavement, colonialism, economic disparity, disequilibrium, human right deprivation and dehumanization of the global ethnic Africans and for the hope and promise for a New Africa’s World, Political and Economic freedom.


The African Heads of States and Government Leaders unanimously agreed with Col. Muammar Al’Quaddafi, Chairman of the African Union Summit that Al’Quaddafi recommendations was unanimously agreed for the declaration of the United African States pursuant to the resolution of African leaders adopted in Casablanca, Morocco by the then African Leaders March 12, 1962 and that the resolution of the then African Leaders adopted in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in May 25, 1963 that established the Organization of African Unity (OAU) and the resolution that established the OAU was also in recognition of the Union of African States (UAS) for operation, geopolitical organization, economic integration and independence of all African nations.


Therefore, the OAU was empowered with authority to seek political freedom and independence from colonialism after which the OAU will hand over the authority of government affairs, institutions of African 2 nation states shall be taken over by the Union of African States (UAS) from the OAU.

In furtherance to the achievement of political and economic independence from colonial rulers by the African nation states, the authority of the OAU for African Unity was used up after the attainment of all African independence and sovereignty.

Therefore, in September 9, 1999, Col. Muammar Al’Quaddafi leader of Libya assembled all African Leaders in Tripoli, Libya during that summit of all African leaders they adopted unanimously resolution which established the African Union (AU).

And the AU was mandated to represent all African nations as agent of governments of African states without authority to act for or represent any African nation in defense or political order. Therefore and in furtherance to the authority and lack of power and mandate to act for and in defense of any African nation by the AU, the African leaders felt it necessary and obligatory to seek and find solutions to the African nation states defenseless state in the world.

Whereas, African nations and states had their own defense, Army, Navy and Airforce, it was lack of defense and lack of authority of AU that called the African leaders to order, because after France bombed Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire with five war planes in November 2004.

The African leaders knows and came to the realization that African nations states were defenseless and as a direct result of that, it became necessary for Africa to seek defense treaty with United States of America called USAfrica Defense Command treaty in 2005. After the treaty was signed, it became evident that African nation states needed One Voice because of the treaty demand.


In year 2010, the African leaders met in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and unanimously made the declaration of the United African States and mandated H.E. Prof. Brimmy A. A. U. Olaghere, who was representing United African Diasporan States (UADS) Executive President with the mandate was appointed Executive President of United African States (UAS) to develop the format, structures, contribution and authority with audacity to create, to control and manage the UAS geopolitical, economic, defense of all African nation states and conduct elections throughout Africa using the UAS constitution adopted and ratified. 3 Thereafter, African Union constituted a constitution drafting committee for the United African States same year in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


Whereas, the adoption of the UAS constitution was necessary, the period of consideration for and before ratification were undertaken in pursuant to the acceptance of the body and council of the drafting of the constitution.

When the effort for ratification was completed the UAS constitution drafting committee organized the constitution ratification convention in Accra, Ghana and was held on October 20, 2016 at the Pan Africanist Prof. William Edward Burghardt Du-Bois Centre, Accra and attended by the Global African Race.

African nations were deprived of all human rights, all human privileges and all human benefits, economic, political, social and privilege to carry were denied all African nations, all African citizens and all African nations and African raw materials, hard or soft resources were taken away and seized by the colonialists, economic freedom and human rights were denied. Whereas, all the whole world industries depend on African raw materials of about 89.99% deposited in Africa, and Africans were intentionally denied technological knowhow, African have no access to technology, African nations have no employment, because African nations were denied technological knowhow, due to the fact that when Africans have access to industries where raw materials are located, Africa will become a self-sufficient economy to create employment, economic status change political leverage, creation of wealth and distribution of wealth among the African nations and their citizens.

When the African nations and their leaders realized that Africa and the Africans are paying for the raw materials which they sold out and being turned to finished products and sold back to Africans, because Africans were made consumers only of world products and African leaders said NO!!!.

We have been cheated enough and Col. Muammar Al’Quaddafi told the African leaders in January 31, 2010 that he Al’Quaddafi will be the price for Africa to be paid for Africa’s political, economic, freedom, equality and for him; he will not die in vain.


Africa must be freed and Africa must be united and Africa must regain its freedom from colonialism, and colonial control. 4 In order for Africa freedom to be attained, promoted and defended, Col. Muammar Al’Quaddafi pleads $20 Million per month for the support, for the development and for the defense of the United African States government. The summit of African leaders and heads of states affirmed the Chairman of the summit Col. Muammar Al’Quaddafi recommendations.

The UAS declaration said that:


  1. Abuja, Nigeria declared Federal Capital city of United African States;
  2. Abuja, Nigeria is the location of the Central Bank for the United African States;
  3. Abuja, Nigeria is the United African States Defense Forces Command headquarters;
  4. Abuja, Nigeria is the global headquarters of the New Africa’s World Bank;
  5. Abuja, Nigeria is the world headquarters of the Federated United African Diasporan States.


In the formation of structural framework for the Federal United African States government, the functional framework was declared by the Constitutive African heads of states and leaders that the functional frameworks for the structural format for the…


Federal United African States (UAS) government are thereby established as follows:

  1. The National Supreme Council as Supreme head of authority.
  2. National Executive council (NEC) as the NECK linking the head and the body together.
  3. National Pan African Senate as the Legislative Head.
  4. National Pan African House of Representative as the Primary Legislative domain.
  5. National Pan African Traditional Rulers Council as the Traditional role players.
  6. National Pan African Defense Command as the Command system.


Date log for the Federated United African States government are:

Schedule One: National Assembly of Constitution Drafting· Committee – June 10 – 30, 2015.

Schedule Two: National Continental Introduction of the· Constitution text July – August 22, 2015.

Schedule Three: National Adoption of the UAS Constitution and its· launching on September 1st, 2015.

Schedule Four: National Application and utilization of the UAS· Constitution – September 1 – September 1, 2020.

Schedule Five: National First African Continental wide Presidential· Election from June 1 – June 30, 2020.

Schedule Six: National Handing over of United African States· government to the First Democratically Elected President in line with the UAS Constitution on September 1, 2020.


In order for UAS to bring Africa and Africans together, the United African States have organized the first World Africa DAY celebration on March 12, 2017 in Abuja, Nigeria (New Africa’s World City).


We the concerned Africans have resolved to be the builder of the New Africa’s World under the aegis of the Federated United African States. In determined efforts to create a permanent self-promotion, self-protection and self-defend the Africans global ethnic race have resolved with the use of the African and African descendants resolution to establish the Bakassi State as the first African States of the United African States.

As a direct result of the irrevocable and irreversible resolution, the UAS has awarded the design, construction and development of Bakassi State as a host of the United African States Defense Command headquarters and to transfer the US-Africa Defense Command (AFRICOM) from Germany to Bakassi henceforth. Whereas, the African nations are now kept under watch by European leaders and are scared away from conscious political change order taking place in the world due to the fact that after the declaration of United African States, the European ganged up and murdered Col. Muammar Al’Quaddafi, because he was the Chairman of the African Union leaders summit that made the declaration of the UAS.

The Ghanaian President who introduced the resolution for the declaration of the UAS was poisoned almost simultaneously, due to the factor that is non-neutral for the declaration of the UAS, the Ethiopian Prime Minister who supported the resolution was poisoned and he also died unwanted death.


The European sent a clear message to African race, you dare seek things and do anything to seek political freedom, economic freedom, equal human right, we will destroy you without recourse and that was the reason why the Africans are supporting the United African States and living for the prosperity of Africa without mentioning boldly their support for this course for Africa’s freedom. It is not true that there is any African leader that is not supporting, working for and living for the UAS government.


“We are One” United African States. In view of the fact that Africa have become One Country by selfproclamation, the Africans and under the auspices of the UAS supported by all African descendants in the diaspora as dual citizens have irrevocably resolved to introduce One African Defense; One African Currency (Golden ZONA) and One Africa Passport.

Having come into power with authority of the UAS constitution by audacity of realities, it has become necessary for the UAS National Executive Council (NEC) to endorse the Executive Order of the President of UAS to change the name of the African Union (AU) into African Economic Union (AEU) and African Commission to African Economic Union Commission (AEUC) with immediate effect.


We the Africans are the builders of Europe, Americas before, during and after the First and Second World War have decided to return home to build the New Africa’s World, to create wealth and to distribute wealth among ourselves, to promote Love, Peace, Unity and Prosperity. The United African States government hereby appeals to all Africans here or there to stay together, Love One another, keep peace, unity and prosperity alive.

We are asking all Africans in diaspora to return home as dual citizens of Africa with equal privileges to carry and equal rights to claim in the affairs of United African States. We remain grateful to the United States of America (USA) for being there for us during our battles for independence and the freedom from the colonialism and being ready to risk the life of his citizens for the peaceful coexistence of the Africans in Africa.


Yes, five Americas were among the people bombed and killed in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire and 125 innocent Africans who were killed and some other foreigners killed by the same France war planes. The French Government Compensated the parents of the Americans who were killed by their bombs and apologized to the  American Government; but the Africans were left uncompensated and there was no apology for the Africans and unremembered by the French government, because Africa and the Africans is in the defenseless state. The question why did France bomb Abidjan in the first place is yet to be answered, because there was no war declared and no political or economic or trade dispute between African nation-states.

If it not racism what is it? The United States of America (USA) saw the danger and the ordeals besetting the Africans in Africa and therefore, the US-African Defense Command [USADC] Treaty was initiated and signed between African nation-states and the United States government. In order for Nigeria to be kept for the avoidance of the invasion by France, Nigeria government initiated and signed Bi-National Defense Agreement and Commission with the United States of America.


Following the tenet on US-Africa Defense Command treaty and Bi-National Defense Agreement and Commission, the US Army was invited by United African States to defend Nigeria against terrorism in February 2014. In order for Nigeria to be protected and securely, the USA government under President Obama donated Warship to the Nigeria government to protect the territorial waters with the safety and security satellites coverage over Nigeria for peaceful coexistence.

In order to reciprocate to the United States of Americas kindness and support to Africans, the UAS NEC felt that the USA to receive the full benefit of African economic resources and market share, the UAS government has awarded exclusivity contracts to design and dredge the River Niger one mile wide and 400 feet deep of 269 miles long from Warri to Lokoja; build 200 million houses to be designed, built and financed by the US-AFRICA’S INFRASTRUCTURES DEVELOPMENT FUND [USAID-FUND] and the US private sectors investment.

The UAS Government have awarded the exclusivity contracts to the US government-private sectors to fully participate and to engage the US economy for the next 100 years under the African Continental Tolls [ACTS] infrastructures development 100 years Master Plan and the New Nigeria’s infrastructures development ten (10) years’ Master Plan to create employment opportunities of over 6 million per annum for the American and for the Africans of over 50 million employments per annum; including Nigeria’s share of 10 million new jobs per annum, and over 20 8 million miles for Africa and 10,000 miles super highways, roads, dredging of river niger to the US Government and the US private sectors using USAfrica Infrastructures Development (US-AID) Fund.

Inclusively, in response to United African Diaspora State [UADS] request, the Chinese government established China-Africa’s Development (CHAD) Fund. We have awarded Exclusivity Contracts to China Government worth over $600 billion to the Chinese government and private sectors, which will create 4 million new jobs per annum for the Chinese for the next 50 years and will create over 7 million for Africans per annum in an exclusivity contract. In UAS’ response to the Nigerian Constitution as amended 2011; section 19; sub-section-(b) and Nigeria’s desire for the Integration, Unity and Cooperation in Africa; and the invitation of Nigerian Constitution, and in accordance with the Federated United African States constitution and United African Diasporan States (UADS), the UAS Government will with effect from January 1, 2017, make and must start its adherence to the affirmation to obey and enforce all African Nation-States constitutions, laws, rules and regulation including Nigeria and 53 others:


  1. Adopt Central Bank of Nigeria as the Central Bank for Africa; for the United African States [UAS];
  2. To introduce one common currency – Golden ZONA (Z) for UAS; to be managed and controlled by Bank for Africa;
  3. To introduce UAS single passport for all United African States [UAS] citizens including dual citizens;
  4. To introduce UAS Socioeconomics System of Collective Ownership of Factors of Production with shares per African in the New Africa’s World Bank and other global investors;
  5. To introduce NAW-BANK a non-commercial banking financial institution that provide [interest free] loan(s) and guarantee project loan(s) for financing [100%] of all African Nation-States infrastructures development projects;
  6. To introduce the NAW-BANK to finance all mining projects and industrial operations in Africa;
  7. That the UAS will start Free Primary and Secondary Education from September 1, 2017;
  8. That the UAS Federal Government will request all African-nation states Ministers of Finance to submit immediately and to surrender/transfer all African Nation-States foreign debts to NAWBANK for settlement and enable African nations debt free status reset;
  9. That, by acting in compliance with UAS declaration and the ratified Constitution, we hereby authorize the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria [CBN] being the UAS CENTRAL BANK FOR AFRICA; to host a Summit of all current African Central Bank Governors to pass a resolution as enabling Act for a unified Banking operation in Africa ahead of the currency introduction and debt reset for all African Nation-States in accordance with the declaration of the UAS:

10.To introduce the UAS POLICE, LAND-MARINE, SAFETY, SECURITY AND DEFENSE programs as well as integration of US-Africa Defence Command Headquarters (from Germany) to Bakassi State:

  1. To start work on the US-AFRICAN DEFENSE COMMAND HEADQUARTERS BASE at Bakassi State and the engagement of the United States of America (USA) for training of the UAS armed forces and defense system:

12.To change African Union [AU] name to African Economic Union [AEU] with her existing economic blocs and AU Commission name to AFRICAN ECONOMIC UNION COMMISSION [AEUC] with immediate effect.

13.To declare the Tafawa Balewa Square/Former National Assembly, Lagos as UAS National House of Chief Assembly for all 201 States First Class Chiefs:

14.To commence the Parliamentary Elections for UAS, Independent National Election Commission (INEC) will be charged to harmonize all electoral institutions in Africa as one body.


We the United African States hereby invoked all African nation states constitutions henceforth. United African States (UAS) National Executives Council;

  1. H.E. Prof. Brimmy A. A. U. Olaghere, Executive President, UAS;
  2. Hon. Barr. P.N. Obiakor, Executive Commissioner/Secretary, UAS Legal Affairs in the (Presidency).
  3. Hon. Dr. O. Knight, Executive Commissioner, UAS Civil Society Liaison & Public Affairs Commission in the (Presidency)/Managing Director – New Africa’s World Bank.
  4. Hon. Group Capt. (Rtd) E.E. Ikona, Executive Governor, Bakassi State;
  5. Hon. Group Capt. (Rtd) M.B. Umar, Executive Commissioner, UAS Safety, Security and Defense Commission in the (Presidency).
  6. Hon. Dr. M.M. Lawal, President, UAS Electoral Commission.
  7. Hon. B. Majidadi, Executive Commissioner, UAS Intergovernmental Affairs liaison in the (Presidency)
  8. Hon. Flt Capt. J.K. N. Ogunlade, Commissioner, Americas NGOs Liaison.
  9. Hon. E. Madueke, Commissioner, European NGOs Liaison.

10.Hon. D. David, Commissioner, UAS Housing and Environment in the (Presidency).

  1. Hon. Julie Gberikon, Commissioner, Special Duties in the (Presidency).
  2. Hon. I.R. Ejezie, President, UAS Trade, Finance & Investment (NAWBank).

13.Hon. E. Ato, President, New Economic Partnership for Africa’s Development Corporation

  1. Hon. V. Obasuyi, President, UAS North America Region Affairs & USAfrica’s Export Import Multipurpose Cooperative Union.

15.Hon. Dr. David Malapo, President, ACTS Infrastructures Development.

  1. Hon. R.I. Kuhe, Secretary Treasury, Africa’s Export Import Multipurpose Cooperative Union;
  2. Hon. A. Maitama, Director, UAS Trade and Investment (NAW-BANK).
  3. Hon. J.O. Adah, Registrar, NAWBank University.
  4. Hon. D.O. Ugbeda, Registrar, New Africa’s World University Dated this day 6th of February 2017 Sign for and on behalf of UAS: Hon. Dr. O. Knight, Executive Commissioner for: UNITED AFRICAN STATES.

Do share your views about UAS, ask questions, and any useful hints concerning the organization or her recruitment process in the comment section below.


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