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Hello! Guys, I welcome you all to my new projects. A project which seeks to provide unlimited career tools to everyone without much Ado. Anyway, as times goes on, I hope you will come to understand fully what we do, and I wish you’ll be part of it unto the end.


For those who know, the recruitment of the United States in Africa is currently one of the most spoken job opportunities in Nigeria, particularly for those who go to the heart of Abuja.


The United Africa State, is a Sovereign body, or better said, a Government, which is focus on bringing all African people, countries and government, under a unified entity known as the United Africa States (UAS). names of successful candidates for united African states employment 2017

The project which has been the vision of some African leaders from the past to present, will indeed, be a great and demanding project, and as such, the said Federated African State is currently seeking to recruit 10000 able head, to make this great project a reality. Hey, wait… You saw that very well. It 10,000 not 1,000.


The recruitment process for this project has been ongoing since November last year, and has even become one of the most talked about recruiting organizations in town. In fact, the folks over at UAS have been outing shortlisted names on their official Facebook page, which is currently the only official medium through which the recruiting department communicate with the general public.

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Those who applied have been left with no option, but to be opening and searching through countless Facebook pages in search of their names and placement code. Well, that is were this article comes in.


In this article, I’ve taken time to compile names of all shortlisted candidates so far for the project. So if you’ve already applied, then check through the table below, to see if luck has been on your side. To avoid time wasting, Ive also added a search button, to enable you search for you name in a more intuitive way.

Meanwhile, for those who have not applied, or are still new to UAS, please click here to apply, and that’s if you are interested of course.



United Africa State Updates

I had previously promised to update the above data table when new names are available. However, it is important to note that there are many provisioned candidates whose names are currently not on the list above. The reason being that I have not been able to lay my hands on the new and updated list. Therefore, for candidates whose names are not on the list above that has nothing to do with the nature of your Candidature with UAS.


I have also been receiving several emails from candidates asking for the originality and credibility of United Africa States, and some have even gone ahead to conclude that the folks over at UAS are scams. Well, what I can say to that effect is, “why asking questions is generally good, ‘it not wisdom to make conclusions on what you don’t know’ simple”. So here is my response to some frequently asked email questions;

  • Are they CREDIBLE? = YES!
  • Are they ORIGINAL? = YES!
  • When are they COMMENCING FULLY? = I DON’T KNOW!!!

Meanwhile, it might interests you to know that the organization has commence her induction training. I was opportune to be invited to one of her induction/training section held on the 7th of July, and I was able to see and of course, know few things for myself which I’m not going to reveal or say on this article. However, from what I saw and learnt, this is what I have to say:

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The vision of United Africa States is far beyond you, and should this program kicks of proper, the impact will not just be felt in Nigeria or even Africa alone, but the world at large.

So why seat and be asking of credibility when it cost you nothing to applyJust visit UAS career portal and apply, and if luck is on your side, you’ll be contacted. But ensure you follow the non-monetary instructions on the application process. For more information, please refer to the following links:

Do share your views about UAS, ask questions, and any useful hints concerning the organization or her recruitment process in the comment section below.



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