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Recruitment Inside Story in mainland China

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Recruitment Inside Story in mainland China

Recruitment Inside Story in mainland China


We are pleased to announce the launch of  The Inside Story in mainland China, a new monthly market sector intelligence report that will profile one market sector and reveal compelling insights into its current trends, challenges and opportunities.

This month, we take a closer look at the IT industry in mainland China which is receiving substantial investment from both government and private sectors to ensure the country is a world leader in AI by 2030.

 Recruitment Inside Story in mainland China,Our overview of the IT industry in mainland China combines deep business and industry insight that offers expert advice and key resources for all aspects of your recruitment needs whether you are job-hunting, looking to progress in your current role, or looking to build out your team.


 Recruitment Inside Story in mainland China


Mainland China’s IT industry continues to be a powerhouse of innovation across a wide range of areas from artificial intelligence (AI) to gaming and mobile,software services, cyber security and the internet of things (IoT).

According to an Australian Financial Review article in June this year, “the balance of power in technology is shifting” from the US to mainland China.

The article states AI research funding in mainland China from both government and the private sector is now much higher than it is in Europe or the US.

Certainly, AI employers are increasingly able to lure top talent from both the US and Europe to work here, particularly, but not exclusively, mainland Chinese expats.


However, when it comes to hiring, employers are setting the bar very high. Preferred candidates must have a very strong technical background working at a world-leading organisation whether that is in natural language processingcomputer vision and speech recognition or data science.

They must also possess excellent academic credentials with a masters or doctorate in computer science, AI or a related field from a top university whether that is from overseas such as at MIT in the US or here in mainland China from either Tsinghua UniversityPeking UniversityBeijing University of Posts and Telecommunication or Fudan University.

In addition, candidates are also expected to have material published in recognised journals and presented at leading conferencesSpecific computer languages in demand include Java, C/C++, C# and Python.  

Not surprisingly there is a shortage of skilled AI talent in mainland China, particularly as speaking English is considered an advantage.

Expat mainland Chinese candidates now in the United States and Europe are often being offered a 50 per cent salary increase to take up positions in mainland ChinaAI candidates are receiving multiple offers and are aware of their power. This enables them to negotiate more attractive packages combining a higher salary with equity and a more competitive bonus.

The challenge for employers is not only to secure the best minds in their field, but also candidates with excellent communication skills and the potential to advance to leadership rolesAI is certainly an area to watch.

Meanwhile, in the gaming industry, mainland China is on track to hit 600 million players this year – 580 million of which are estimated to be mobile players, according to global research company IDC.

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It’s estimated that nearly 43 million of those players are aged under 12 and authorities have become increasingly concerned by the amount of time children are spending on games including all night sessions.

We are seeing more government regulation concerning this, but tech analysts are not alarmed by this and see it more as a way of authorities keeping check on the fast growing sector.

For example in February this year, draft legislation was introduced to ban minors playing online games between midnight and 8am and in July, the world’s largest selling games producer, Tencent, cooperated with an official request to limit the time children were spending on its top grossing smart phone game. (Tencent also owns social network WeChat).     


Mobile consumption is also exploding in mainland China along with innovation. Mainland China’s three largest mobile providers are expected to pilot 5G phone technology and arrange of related apps to enable smart cities and smart homes in seven cities this year with more to follow next year.


Mobile online payments innovation is another hot area of expansion. Mobile payments are set to eclipse cash and credit card use amongst mainland Chinese tourists travelling abroad. In addition, we also have two dominant bike-sharing companies that use a mobile payment platform growing from an initial ten of thousands of rides a day to 20 million or more a day in mainland China.

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Mobile apps is yet another area of explosive growth with a Wall Street Journal article in June tipping “lifestyle” apps from food to facelifts and child care to bike sharing as the area to watch.

Mainland China has experienced 12 per cent growth in mobile and gaming consumption over the last year alone. Not surprisingly, all this activity is driving up demand for mobile developers but also product and operation roles.

For product and operation roles, experience is king particularly gained in a relevant speciality whether that is gamingdigital platforms or other internet-based services.

Recruitment Inside Story in mainland China

Successful candidates must also possess excellent business skills including market business insightsstrong problem-solving skills and a proven track record of being able to define a topicexecute key analysis and deliver solutions independently.

Once at the interview stage, candidates can expect to be asked to discuss their experience of using experiments to develop the next release of a product whether that be through A/B testing or another method.

 Candidates should be able to demonstrate high-level communication skills via precise and organised evidence-based statements and highlight their effectiveness at multi-tasking. 

If you would like to discuss this report in more depth or you wish to discuss your job search or recruitment needs, please email Jessica, Hays Business Director

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