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Most Common Wrong bathing patterns You Must Know

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Most Common Wrong bathing patterns You Must Know

Most Common Wrong bathing patterns You Must Know


A good way to maintain good hygiene is to take a proper and regular bath. In addition to cleaning the dirt of the body, the human body tends to feel fresh and alive once it meets water while bathing.

Bathing helps regulate body temperature, especially during a very hot afternoon. In addition, it helps to improve the beauty of the skin and its overall appearance, as well as against body odors that may result from abundant sweating after the hustle and bustle of the day.


Extensively, our self-confidence is strengthened and our self-esteem is strengthened when we smell fresh after a good bath. By washing our bodies properly, we limit the risk of leaving our bodies at the mercy of infections by germs and bacteria.

The importance of swimming cannot be overemphasized, as practically every sensible human being takes bathing as a routine. Instead, there will be more emphasis on the wrong approach to bathing to ensure good hygiene and better health of the body.


  1. Bathing with very hot water: Many people are fond of hot water, especially in very cold weather. In order to fight against the cold, they make the water of their bath super hot, without understanding the implications of what they do. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center believes that swimming in very hot water can deprive the skin of its moisture, natural oils, fat and protein that will keep it healthy and radiant. So, instead of having hot water for the bath, the water should be warm to avoid problems with bathing with hot water.
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  1. Take a bath too often: You may notice with surprise that it is good to wash regularly, but that it is good to take a shower is often harmful to the skin. Indeed, the skin will suddenly lose its microbial population, which will help fight against skin infections such as eczema. Beyond swimming twice a day is strongly discouraged.



  1. Use swollen sponges (loofah): This is another mistaken trend of swimming. While the skin feels this feeling of well-being when rubbed with a swollen sponge, it is contaminated by naturally occurring bacteria in swollen sponges. To save the day, we are advised to disinfect our swollen sponges or various before and after use to prevent bacteria from finding a safe habitat in our sponges. Changing your puffy sponge is also another way to get out of the list of these unplanned bacteria for those who can afford it.
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  1. Bathing and washing the “lower side” with high-foam scented soaps: To avoid foul odors on the “negative” side as well as body odor, many people prefer scented soaps to unscented soaps. soaps for the bath. While it is not bad to wash with scented soaps, do not use them to clean up the inconveniences, especially when the soap has a high foam (that is, it foams a lot). .



  1. Wash your hair with a shampoo every day: Again, this is another unhealthy habit, as shocking as it sounds. The reason is, the hair will dry out resulting in the loss of oil during a frequent shampoo that is barely restored before a new wash cycle takes place. This does not mean that you should not wash your hair from time to time, but washing your hair every day, especially with a shampoo, is another bad practice to discourage.
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  1. Bathing late at night: so many people are uncomfortable and have trouble sleeping without taking a shower. Although this is a sign of good hygiene, it becomes a case to consider when the bath extends from 23 hours to about 3 am when the body and its pores must rest. Bathing cold water between the above hours opens the pores of the body to facilitate the penetration of water, which can affect the metabolism of the body and lead to a risk of cold, fever, muscle pain, etc. jostled days, swimming should be observed in the evening and not late at night.


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