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7 Tips That Will Help You Know If Someone Is Lying

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7 Tips That Will Help You Know If Someone Is Lying

7 Tips That Will Help You Know If Someone Is Lying

During police interrogations, various methods are used to detect lies. To recognize liars, you must follow this advice.

Would not it be great to have a portable lie detector and use it with whoever we want?

Unfortunately, it is not the case.

What we have, however, are our senses and our “intestinal feelings” that allow us to know when someone is lying. And of course, our attention.

Learn how to recognize a liar by reading this article.

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How to tell if someone is lying

Although it may seem odd, lying is extremely common in humans.

Even when someone is lying, he may not do it intentionally. Of course, there are also people who do it blatantly and it is when it is difficult to realize that they are lying or not.

To begin, you can learn by analyzing the following signs that indicate the truth is not told:

1. Too many words

First of all, people who tell a lot of lies speak quickly and give more details than necessary. They do it to try to convince the person to whom they are lying.

This “word vomit” may be accompanied by excessive gestures and phrases such as “To be honest” or “I am completely honest with you now”.


   2. Micro-expressions

Micro-expressions are facial expressions that can go unnoticed if we do not give them enough attention. They come and go in a second.

When someone is lying, he can raise his eyebrows, show lines on his forehead or make a repetitive motion with his lips.

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   3. Inconsistency

If we are honest, we often tell the same story without changing commas. However, when we lie, we can use other totally opposite sentences.

For example, saying that it rained and that after saying that there was a bright sun is a sign of lying.

There may also be inconsistencies between words and facial or body expressions. If someone talks about something sad but he smiles, maybe he’s not telling the truth.


   4. Touching the nose and mouth

This is one of the most common signs of lying.

It is an unconscious reaction that may indicate that the liar thinks: “I’m going to cover my mouth because of the lies I’m telling” or “I do not want them to look at me while I’m hiding information”.

When a person compulsively touches his nose and is not related to a cold or allergy, it may be due to increased adrenaline in the nasal capillaries as a result of anxiety or the stress caused by the lie.

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   5. Have a childish attitude

In addition, speaking with a childish or “soft” voice is another signal that should put us on the alert.

In addition, speaking with a childish or “soft” voice is another signal that should put us on the alert.

Believe it or not, some people have lived in a house where lies have been accepted and forgiven, provided that these lies speak of something “cute”.

Little kids may seem adorable when they lie or when they are worthless, but we must be very careful if an adult does.

   6.Eye movements

Then another way to determine if a person is lying is to look at his face.

On the one hand, it is normal to move your eyes from one side to the other when you are distracted. But beware! When you look while trying to remember something, it’s not the same as when your eyes move from left to right at full speed. This last habit could mean lying.

On the other hand, liars often avoid eye contact with the person they are talking to or focus on a specific object behind the listener.

In these cases, you should also be careful, because many experts in the field of lying have practiced and learned to look in the eyes to consider them as an honest person.

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   7. Sweating

It is normal that when a person is in an uncomfortable situation, she is sweating more than usual. Maybe they say “it’s very hot here” even if the air conditioner is running or it’s winter.

The measurement of perspiration is one of the parameters analyzed by a lie detector or a polygraph. If someone has their hands wet with sweat or wet clothes, it may be because they are not honest with you.

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