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8 Tips For Wearing Heels

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8 Tips For Wearing Heels

8 Tips For Wearing Heels

If you have to wear heels all day and they hurt you, these tips will help you ease that discomfort or make it go away.

In this article we will look at 8 useful tips for wearing heels. In this way, you can wear them with as little pain as possible.

Currently, many women have to dress formally for work or for an event and decide to wear heels. For most women, these shoes are anything but comfortable. For many, wearing heels is not just about improving your image, whether it’s more elegant or smarter. It’s also a way to accompany your clothes and the image you want to have.

Despite this, heels are very uncomfortable for many and can even cause health problems. If you are looking for tips for wearing heels and making sure you stay comfortable, we have them for you.

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8 tips for wearing heels and avoiding discomfort

When you wear heels, the weight normally supported by your feet is completely changed.

When you increase the height of the heel, the front of the foot must support up to 75% more weight than before. Because of this, it can damage your foot, your knees and even change the alignment of your spine.

Take advantage of these tips to wear heels and minimize the unwanted effects of wearing your heels.

   1. Get used to them

You should not wear your heels all day when you wear them for the first time. Instead, you should break them little by little.

Try to get used to it gradually and start with heels that are no more than two inches. Then, when you get used to it, you will be able to switch to a bigger heel.

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   2. Start with wide heels

It is probably a better idea to start with wide heels before getting thinner ones. By increasing the support area, your discomfort will decrease.

As time passes and you become more comfortable with them, you can go to leaner and taller heels without causing you so much suffering.


   3. Take small breaks

We recommend taking breaks with all types of heels, even if they are low. This will allow your legs to rest and improve their circulation.

If you can, give yourself small calf massages to relieve cramps and improve circulation.


   4. Wear good size shoes

Although this seems pretty obvious, we often wear shoes that are too big or too small and that make us suffer more.

If they are too small, they will hurt and can cause blisters. On the other hand, if they are too big, your foot will slide, which will put more force on the front of your foot since you try to prevent the shoe from taking off. Anyway, it hurts your expenses

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   5. Try to find heels that have an ankle clasp

If there is a clasp at the ankle or if the inserts are not completely bare, they will be much easier to adjust. Then you will not have to use extra force to prevent your foot from going out, and your feet will take longer to get tired.

Another tip for wearing heels is to find those who have a “cleavage” in the shape of the letter T.

   6. inserts

At the store, you can find small inserts placed under two different areas of the foot. Depending on where you have the most pain, they can be placed under your toes or under your heel. These inserts relieve the pressure exerted by the weight on this area.

We recommend that you keep them in your bag and use them at the beginning of the pain.

   7. Moisturize your feet

It is extremely important to keep your feet well hydrated with a moisturizer to avoid irritation. One of the most creative tips for wearing heels is to put the cream on your shoe and distribute it so that you can soften the material of the shoe.

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   8. Cool your shoes, one of the best stuff to wear heels

This tip is ideal for shoes that are too small and that hurt you.

Just put bags of water in your shoes and put them in the freezer. When you move from a liquid state to a solid state, the water will exert increased pressure on the shoe and cause it to expand.

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