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See Why Your Baby Always Wants To Be Held? Must See By Every Woman

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See Why Your Baby Always Wants To Be Held? Must See By Every Woman

See Why Your Baby Always Wants To Be Held? Must See By Every Woman

Many mothers wonder why their baby still wants to be held always. This article discusses the need to bond with your baby to meet his needs.

My baby still wants to be held. Many mothers recognize it. Some mothers are ecstatic, others are surprised.

But why is it?

At birth, a baby cannot recognize who his mother is. However, from their first breath, they instinctively feel what they need to survive. The path that connects them to their mother’s womb tells them the path to their mother’s womb, where they feed.

Babies spend nine months in their mother’s womb and, at birth, they are still immature and completely dependent on their mother for survival. Attachment will be the means to guarantee their well-being from birth to maturity. Love will be the life force of life.

My baby still wants to be held

The instinct of the mother is to feed her child and to spend as much time with him as possible. However, instead of supporting our little one, we often let opinions influence us.

Unfortunately, many people will tell us that we do not need to look for a baby every time he cries.

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Many say that if you go for a baby every time he cries, he will learn to manipulate you. Also, what will happen to their future ability to be independent?

However, this assumes that a baby understands manipulation or independence. A baby is a mammal and so depends on a close mother to survive and grow.

Love is the best stimulant for creating emotional bonds with your baby and contributing to its development. Your baby always wants to be in your arms because affection is a basic necessity, as much as food or hygiene.

A baby needs a bonding

A baby still wants to be restrained and must be close to his mother for at least the first nine months of his life. This allows babies to adjust to life outside the womb. This is the only way to ensure that the collage will occur.

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The baby recognizes maternal love by being close and in physical contact. The baby’s tears are not simply because they are hungry, have a dirty diaper, or are sleepy. Babies always want to be held in the arms of their mothers because their skin is the main way to feel the love of their mother. Moreover, it is the baby’s instinct to approach his mother and that is why each baby always wants to be restrained.

At the same time, the baby activates the mother’s instincts of defense and proximity, because nature also makes mothers have instincts.

Unfortunately, many still insist that the baby must sleep alone in a room, adhere to a strict meal schedule, or do not need comfort to cry.

We are not aware that for nine months they are supported by the uterus and sleep near our heart. They were continually fed by the umbilical cord and we were always at their side.

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Lack of physical contact

In the 1940s, Dr. Rene Spitz, an Austrian psychoanalyst, conducted a study that concluded that a large number of deaths in orphanages were due to a lack of love. He compared isolated babies in hospital beds with babies raised by their own mothers in a prison.

Babies raised by their mothers grew up faster and benefited from better health. On the other hand, isolated babies grew up with physical and mental disabilities. Unfortunately, 37% of babies in orphanages, who were not entwined and cared for by their mothers, did not survive.

This thesis of Dr. Spitz has been severely criticized and has been questioned for decades. However, in 2007, Science magazine published a Romanian essay to prove the validity of the theory.

They took into account all the clinical examinations carried out with reference to the Austrian study. The results were the same. Love is the basis of the well-being and development of the baby.

Babies raised in Romanian orphanages who could not be close to their mothers had more problems of growth and survival than children raised at home.

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Love is natural

“In the same way that my baby wants to be in my arms, I always want to have it with me”, is the natural instinct of the mother. So a mother keeps her baby close to her body because it’s natural.

It’s true that you can not raise dependent children. They are unable to decide for themselves what to do with their lives. However, it is difficult for us to wait until they pass through each stage of maturity at a given moment. We live in an accelerating world and, whether we like it or not, we are accelerating the growth of our children.

The nine months of rapprochement prepare babies for independence. However, independence starts at 2 years old. It goes through the different stages of independence from childhood and adolescence and ends 15 to 18 years later.

Holding the baby in your arms is the best way to express your love for your baby.

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