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Try These Powerful Steps on How To Make Money in Nigeria (Mostly No: 2 & 5)


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Try These Powerful Steps on How To Make Money in Nigeria (Mostly No: 2 & 5)

Try These Powerful Steps on How To Make Money in Nigeria

You may be wondering how to make money in Nigeria this year. There are a lot of unusual ideas to try, but here we will discuss the most popular ones. The world today offers new business opportunities for people with different financial situations. Whatever your path, where you come from, you can try to make money in the existing circumstances. So, here are some simple but lucrative ideas that you can try.

Making money online in Nigeria If you are wondering:

what can I do to make money in Nigeria with investments or no investment? Are you wondering how to make money at home or online in Nigeria?

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Checkout these 5 powerful steps you can try in 2018 and earn a good profit. Be attentive, patient and competent to succeed in the companies listed below.

  1. #1. Drop shipping : This modern phrase is often used to talk about an online business. The thing is that you do not need extra money to start your small business. This idea is an ideal way to make money quickly without investment. Here is the diagram You work with manufacturers and receive orders from customers. There is no need to look for a place to store the goods as they are sent directly to clients. All you need for making money this way is some free time to communicate with the parts, a device (laptop or smartphone), an account on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and other) to place the photos of the products you offer. It is probably the easiest way of making money in Nigeria.

  1. Social Media Marketing Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook platforms are not only a place to chat with friends, videos about celebrities, but also a good idea of ​​how to make money. Creating an online presence is a very important part of every business, making social media marketing a very profitable business idea. Nowadays, specialists in this field are in great demand. Selling your products and services becomes much easier if you have a few thousand members.

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  1. Website Design and Mobile Application Development Creating an online presence is very important for every industry. Web design and the development of mobile applications for businesses are an integral part of starting a business. Statistics show that millions of applications are downloaded daily. If you have proper training, a capital, a team of professionals, you are ready to earn a lot of Naira in Nigeria. In addition, if you only have WordPress skills, this can be enough to work as a web designer or individual developer.

  1. E-Commerce If you are heading towards creating your own online business, here are some small business ideas in Nigeria. All types of businesses, whether you make products, sell goods, or offer services, must be represented on the Internet. You can create an online store or hire a professional. It is important to make the website user friendly and optimized for SEO so that users can see it at the top of the search results.

  1. Start a Vlog or Blog: There are many topics to choose from, but you need to know which niche is best for you. If you do not feel confident, you can improve your writing and interpreting skills by reading on the Internet how to write an interesting blog post or photo and create a video that generates traffic. The advantage of this career is that you can work at home, so blogging and vlogging can be a great part-time job for new moms, students, unemployed or even seniors. In addition, it is a great way to express your feelings, expertise and experiences, which also helps to quickly win a few money in Nigeria.


These are many lucrative ideas that you can use to start your business in Nigeria. The ideas shared here are primarily related to the Internet because online presence has become a number one requirement for a successful business.

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