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RECENT NEWS!! My husband killed a man he accused of sleeping with me —Food vendor


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RECENT NEWS!! My husband killed a man he accused of sleeping with me —Food vendor

RECENT NEWS!! My husband killed a man he accused

RECENT NEWS!! My husband killed a man he accused of sleeping with me

By Evelyn Usman She left her country, the 17-year-old Republic of Togo, to improve her living conditions in Lagos, Nigeria. After crossing the thicknesses associated with looking for her feet in a megalopolis like Lagos, she was eventually entangled in a relationship that spawned three children.

Along the line, 42-year-old Adisa Idris has scrambled with the man and buried herself in her food business in the Apapa area of ​​Lagos State. Later, she met another man, Idris, , a hustler at the Apapa port, with whom she has two children.

Today, another fate, different from the heartbreak she suffered in her first relationship, happened to her.

Reading this article, she is detained in the State Department of Investigation and Criminal Intelligence, SCIID, Yaba (Lagos), for the alleged murder of Abdulraman Danbaba (32 years old).

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The deceased, who was also Togolese, was allegedly murdered by Adisa’s husband, Idris. Reason? Idris alleged that the deceased had a clandestine relationship with his wife. The incident occurred at their apartment, a shanti, in Kofo Abayomi Street, Apapa, last Friday.

The information available to Crime Guard revealed that Idris on the run was returning home around 10 pm to find the deceased in a compromising position with his wife. Unable to control his emotion, he hammered the visitor, causing him to sink.

Before help could reach Danbaba, he was confirmed dead upon his arrival at the Apapa General Hospital. Extramarital affairs rumor A resident, Mr. Okoye Mmadu, who spoke with Crime Guard, was shocked by the incident he blamed on some of the fleeing suspect’s friends. According to him :

Idris is an easy-going man who worked as a private guard in a company around Apapa before being dislodged, and had only one in the Apapa ports. his wife would have had an affair with the deceased.

These rumor merchants claimed that they usually saw the deceased with Idris’s wife both at the buka she runs and at their home.

They also alleged that the deceased usually came to visit the woman at odd hours, especially when Idris was not home. When Idris confronted his wife, she denied it. Tragedy “On the day of the incident, Idris went home to meet the man in his apartment, with his wife.

We heard someone call him on the phone to inform him that the stranger was there. And when he came, he reacted too much. Now, everyone behind the rumor has taken off. How my husband killed Danbaba But in this interview with his wife, she denied having anything other than a platonic relationship with the deceased.

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According to her, “Danbaba was a regular customer, he usually visited my buka to buy food, and he became our family friend when I discovered that we came from the same country.” My husband knew him even because he (deceased) usually visited when my husband was there.

Last Friday, I phoned Danbaba to buy some bean porridge because I had not finished cooking and was very hungry. It was not the first time he bought food for me. “When he came, he met me in the living room but he told me he did not buy the beans, he sat down to watch TV with me.

Besides, I was not alone with him. My employees and my children were also in the living room. “No sooner had he been there for 15 minutes than my husband came back, he immediately saw Danbaba and I together, he came out, not very long ago, he came back, he went straight to the place where Danbaba was sitting and put a hammer on his head.

I never knew he was armed, I would have prevented him from hitting. He immediately fled when he realized what he had done. We poured water on Danbaba while we continued calling his name but he did not answer.

When we took him to the Apapa General Hospital, we were told he was dead. “Now my husband abandoned me to suffer a crime that I did not commit.How could he have accused me of having extra-marital relations with the deceased of whom I was much older?


How could I be promised at this age when I have better things to think about? I am diabetic and this is the most pressing problem in my mind, not promiscuity. “I really do not know where he ran away.

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