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Nollywood Actor and Cum Comedian Charles Okocha reveals kind of woman he would love to marry (Must See!!)


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Nollywood Actor and Cum Comedian Charles Okocha reveals kind of woman he would love to marry (Must See!!)

Nollywood Actor and Cum Comedian Charles Okocha reveals

Charles Okocha, aka Igwe Tupac, comedian and actor from Nollywood, revealed the kind of woman he would like to marry.

Okocha, speaking with Punch, revealed that he would consider himself very lucky if he could find a woman like his mother.

He said, “I’m always looking for this good woman, a woman who will love me for me, not just for my social status or whatever, I do not want to enter into a relationship that will not last.

“She should be there for me as a mother and a sister, she should be able to treat me as my mother is treating me right now.” I appreciate my mother so much, she was very supportive, if I have to come back into this world, I would always like her to be my mother. “

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The actor also said that social media was the best thing that happened to his career.

“Social media is the best thing that has ever happened to me, although I still enjoy my movie background, social media has been the best, and I’m making a difference with social media. I’m not trying to demote other platforms I’ve been to, but social media has really increased my fanbase, “he said.

On what inspires his comic sketches, Okorocha added, “My slogans come naturally and they are supposed to inspire people. Like my last slogan, Identity, it’s about motivating people to identify with something concrete in life. For example, my identity is that I am a versatile artist.

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“I respect my drummer a lot, his role in my videos was a coincidence, it was not planned, I did skits alone, so when my new car arrived it was he who added spice to what I I said and that’s how it all started. “

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