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2018 Ongoing (UAS) United African States Recruitment and Registration Portal/ Inductee Form Available

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2018 Ongoing (UAS) United African States Recruitment and Registration Portal/ Inductee Form Available

2018 Ongoing (UAS) United African States Recruitment and Registration

2018 Ongoing (UAS) United African States Recruitment and Registration

United African States (UAS ) is pre-occupied with the implementation of critical and strategic programs and is able to recruit capable and qualified persons into the professional. In order to occupy the vacant positions.


United African State UAS recruitment exercise is still ongoing,all potential applicants need to fill the Online Application here.

Many people where asking questions, such as..

United African States Recruitment Closed or ongoing?

History of united African States (UAS)?

2017 shortlisted names (UAS)?

2017/2018 Recruitments and Application?

How to fill inductee form 2018/2019?

The UAS president Inaugural speech?

United African States World Bank?

The constitution of united African states?

UAS world African Day Abuja 2017


Applicants are advised to provide all the necessary data as part of protection policy for the United African States Recruitment and Application.


  • Complete the Online Application form here.

  • An email will be sent to your application ID and details of the next steps

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How to Fill United African State UAS Inductee Choice Form 2018/2019

If you applied for the recruitment exercise between to  month of  April 2017 to April 2018 and you have been inducted and your placement later is with you, follow the method here and fill this form below for proper documentation.


Once you are recruited as a member of the UNITED AFRICAN STATES UAS, after the recruitment the next thing you should expect from the organization is the induction training.

Then, followed by the placement later and the ID Card,, showing you that you are a member of the organization.

Keep your placement later well, because you are going to make use of it during online registration as inductee.

When filling the form, make sure that you use a functional phone number and E-mail.

Your Highest qualification is needed, your preferred carrier or profession of your choice.
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  1. Surname………..

  1. Other Names……..

  1. Gender……….

  1. Date Of Birth……….

  1. State of Origin……….

  1. Phone Number……….

  1. E-mail……….

  1. Date of Induction……….

  1. Placement Number………

  1. Qualification (Highest)………

  1. Year of Graduation………

  1. Your Preferred Carrier/Profession of Choice………

  1. Upload Passport ……….

  1. Then Submit………

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Click here, Inductee Form

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  1. This does not provide answer to my question or enquiry.
    My question, “I heard there will be training of NAWBANK staff in Abuja today, is it true? If yes, to enable me prepare for the training against today with your details”.

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