Obama Foundation is now accepting applications for the upcoming competition – www.obama.org

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Obama Foundation is now accepting applications for the upcoming competition – www.obama.org

Obama Foundation is now accepting applications for the upcoming competition

Obama Foundation is now accepting applications for the upcoming competition

Join us

Help us build this foundation from scratch and be among the first to be aware of key news and updates.



Our mission is to inspire and empower people to change their world.

Leaders who already have an impact, to people who want to get more involved, but do not know where to start, our goal is to make our programs accessible to everyone, anywhere. We will equip civic innovators, young leaders and ordinary citizens with the skills and tools they need to create change in their communities.

It’s a big job and we’re just starting. Learn about our first set of projects and join us in this citizenship experience for the 21st century.



We are building a campus for active citizenship in the heart of Chicago’s South Side – but it will have projects across the city, the country and the world. The Center is a work in progress, built in direct partnership with thousands of people who have offered their feedback in person and online. The Obama Presidential Center will be a living and functional campus – an ongoing project where we will together shape what it means to be a good citizen in the 21st century.


The Obama Presidential Center will be a new landmark for the South Side and an economic engine for the city of Chicago – attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, creating thousands of new jobs in the South Side – and will contribute to the revitalization of historic Jackson Park. The campus will remove barriers and seamlessly connect the park at the lake, and will be unified with other local institutions on the south side. It will be a place for all seasons, with winding landscapes, a sledge hill and quiet spaces to read or reflect. The majority of the space will be free and open to the public.


MBK Alliance accepts requests to accelerate impact for boys and young men of color


We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting proposals for the first-ever My Brother’s Keeper Community Challenge Contest. The contest will provide strategic support and grants of more than $ 5 million to help accelerate the impact for boys and young men of color in some communities across the country. The proposals are accepted by high-performing non-profit organizations in nearly 250 communities who have accepted the President’s My Brother’s Keeper Community Challenge in 2014. Applications must be received on May 24, 2018. For More information access the online application here.


This contest was developed to provide additional support to MBK communities that have stepped up and responded to President Obama’s call to action to develop new private sector programs, policies, and actions to drive change for youth. The competition also recognizes that this work is not easy and responds to what hundreds of people in the communities have said they need support for capacity building, technical assistance, private sector peer exchanges, learning opportunities. what works and the spotlight when there is success. Through this competition, we are responding to what we have heard from communities that want to make an impact.


We will work in partnership with the winning communities to identify and implement evidence-based programs and a two-year goal to reduce youth violence or leverage mentors to address specific challenges at each stage. While working to replicate or intensify such an intervention, we will help these communities share their results and build their capacity to ensure the long-term success of this specific work and the wider effort of the local MBK Alliance.


The financial and in-kind support provided is not designed to supplant local government or philanthropy. On the contrary, it is our intention that the monetary portion of grants combined with tailor-made technical assistance and outreach support will catalyze and accelerate the pace of impact and motivate others to get involved – from ordinary citizens to leaders of the community. public and private sectors


We will have a progression of online courses all through the application time frame to answer your inquiries and feature key application necessities. Enroll today to save your spot for one of the rest of the online courses.


What is the My Brother’s Keeper Community Challenge Competition?


The My Brother’s Keeper Community Challenge Competition is an a test case program that intends to develop the effect of group based arrangements with quantifiable confirmation of enhancing life results for young men and young fellows of shading, while at the same time assembling the limit of groups committed to extending opportunity. The Competition features My Brother’s Keeper Alliance’s (MBK Alliance) sense of duty regarding putting resources into groups and associations gaining enduring ground that likewise can possibly be evidence indicates for what it takes considerably enhance life results for young men and young fellows of shading, especially as it identifies with diminishing youth viciousness and developing the pipeline of guides working in impactful projects.


What do Competition Winners Get?


MBK Alliance will choose up to seven Impact Communities, that will get:


  • Two year engagement drove by MBK Alliance and execution accomplices to recognize holes and resources, create proposals, and bolster usage design.


  • Access to execution and substance accomplices to exhort on general Local Action Plan improvement and long haul framework to maintain the work.


  • Between $100,000 to $500,000 more than two years to recreate or scale coaching or youth savagery anticipation intercessions.


  • $50,000-$75,000 every year, for a long time, in coordinating assets to spine associations to hire MBK Alliance Community Coordinators.


MBK Alliance will choose up to five high scoring application to get Seed Grants. Seed gifts will be granted to high scoring applications that we can’t support as Impact Communities as well as present inventive arrangements that legitimacy testing yet are not exactly prepared for significant venture. These beneficiaries will get:


  • Access to MBK Alliance’s execution and substance accomplices to prompt on all-encompassing arrangement advancement and long haul foundation to support the work.


  • $25,000 to 50,000 to pilot intercessions in brutality counteractive action and additionally coaching for a sub-populace of BYMOC in the group.


Chicago and California Special Interest


  • As the main residence of the Obama Foundation, propelling the mission of My Brother’s Keeper Alliance in Chicago will be a lasting need well past this Competition. Likewise, a Chicago not-for-profit will be intensely chosen to be a piece of the inaugural MBK Community Challenge Competition associate. Other Chicago philanthropies will have the opportunity to vie for an extra five Seed Grants.


  • The California Endowment has cooperated with MBK Alliance to guarantee two “Effect Communities” will be chosen aggressively from the State of California. This speculation extended the Competition from five to seven Impact Communities.


Key Program Requirements


  • High-Performing Backbone Organizations — This opposition is available to high-performing philanthropic associations that fill in as the foundation of aggregate effect models — those associations that try to enhance social results by sorting out cross-segment gatherings of accomplices to change wasteful, divided frameworks. MBK Alliance anticipates that associations looking for will apply for the opposition to work in close coordination and joint effort with the neighborhood government.


  • Match — MBK Alliance grantees are required to coordinate the whole measure of give grant on a dollar-for-dollar premise. At the season of utilization accommodation, candidates must exhibit the capacity to meet 50 percent of their first year money coordinate necessity.


  • Complementary System Approach Review and Reform — MBK Alliance is trying to help extends that won’t just give guide administration to young men and young fellows of shading but on the other hand are progressing and upholding for fundamental changes in corresponding accepted procedures in people in general and private segments that will prompt enduring change for the adolescent served by the venture and past.


  • Evidence — MBK Alliance will try to grant financing to candidates that propose to actualize program models that have exhibited noteworthy effect in enhancing life results of young men and young fellows of shading.


  • Collective Impact — MBK Alliance is keen on financing applications that use a Collective Impact Approach. Aggregate Impact is a model in which cross-division coalitions frame to recognize a typical arrangement of difficulties and confirmation educated and prove based arrangements, and after that cooperate to actualize the arrangement.


Course of events


  • Public Announcement of the Competition/RFP Tuesday, February 27th 2018


  • RFP Release Thursday, April fifth 2018


  • Pre-Submission Technical Assistance Begins Thursday, April tenth 2018


  • Deadline for Submission of Proposals Thursday, May 24th 2018


  • Competition Winners Announced Late Summer 2018


  • Funds Disbursed Fall 2018


Application Help and Technical Assistance


MBK Alliance and our accomplices will have an arrangement specialized help online courses all through the application time frame to answer your inquiries and feature key application prerequisites. Enroll today to hold your spot for one of the rest of the online classes.

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