Young Nigerian Students Now Earns $200 A Day While Staying At Home, See How it Work


Young Nigerian Students Now Earns $200 A Day While Staying At Home, See How it Work

Young Nigerian Students Now Earns $200 A Day While Staying At Home

Young Nigerian Students Now Earns $200 A Day While Staying At Home

I was unexpectedly thrown alone into this big world, I had no job, and, to cap the matters, a notice arrived that I should undergo a medical check before going to serve the army…My name is Kenneth, I’m 20 years old and last week I earned my first million working in the web from my laptop. To be honest, I couldn’t even dream about such great money when I was a second-year student, failed my winter exams and got expelled.

The medical check was going rather slowly, and I wasn’t going to leave until the winter conscription. But now I have my money and I feel absolutely safe! A friend of mine was making money in the web while I was studying but I thought he was just an idiot who was trying to earn something without a higher education. That time I was waiting for my degree and expecting a $300-$400 job, even if now it looks just ridiculous.


Kenneth Chinedu is earning $200 a day while staying at home.


Anyway, I decided to get something done and asked what he was doing. I just looked for some freelance jobs but I just got cheated. Once again, I spent a lot of time doing stuff and filling in questionnaires but never got paid. I think you might have had it, if you have not already!


Things changed when I found some website and decided to log in. Then I started reading their materials and found out about binary options trading. Now I know it’s a PARADISE for novices and a great opportunity if you have not particularly skills! You can work comfortably from any place on your laptop or smart phone.


The next step is to develop your own strategy and start earning big money! As for me, I raised $ 500 the very first week! I had no knowledge at all! And I was nothing but a novice in this business! But now I can afford a cheap car, I can afford a cheap apartment in the center of the city and live separately from my parents! Anyway, if you still have doubts, just log in and try working with a real money account.


I think you will be able to earn as much as I do. There are a lot of training materials on this website that will help you to raise your first $ 500 or even $ 1000 after just a week! Good luck!


What should you do now?

  • First of all, sing up on OlympTrade
  • Register an account
  • Now, when you have an account you should need an EASY strategy to start profitable trading. This strategy is so easy, everyone can understand and follow it!
  1. First we need to choose peers, we trade whit EUR / USD.
  2. Our first bet is 1 $. If we win, then we open new trade and we bet again $ 1.
  3. Now let’s open our first trade. We have to choose CALL or PUT (up or down). First time it does not matter which one we choose. Just choose one.
  4. For example, we choose PUT. First time it does not matter which one we choose. Strategy works anyway 100%.
  5. We lost the trade. CALL, because last trade was PUT.
  6. We lost the trade again. Now we raise our bet to $ 8, because we want to earn back our last losses. We choose PUT, because last trade was CALL.
  7. OK, now we won, let’s go over, we bet $ 1 and we choose CALL, because last trade was PUT. I name this strategy UP & DOWN strategy.
  • I advise you to practice on your own. The most important thing is to give it a try! Click here to sign up on OlympTrade



  1. You always change directions, do not matter are you winning or losing your trade. Always PUT, CALL, PUT, CALL, PUT, CALL.
  2. You first bet is always 1 $. Now when you lose trade, you have to raise your bet to $ 3. If you lose again, you raise bet $ 8. Now if you lose again, you raise $ 18. (It usually happens in a month, when you have to bet $ 18).
  3. Now, when you win, you go back to our first bet $ 1 and start over again.

Finally, let me brag a little bit .. That’s what I’ve earned over the weekend. Good luck!



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