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Npower Registration procedure NPower June/july recruitment 2017 – NPower is an employment promotion and implementation from the Federal Government initiative to provide Social Investment Program in Nigeria. Would you like to join? Read to know more.

The purpose of its creation is to provide assistance for the youths in Nigeria. Its main aim is to provide people with lifetime skills to become decision makers and solutions providers for the country.

The youth accounts for a significant portion of the labour market. On the one hand, due to the person’s young age, he has a higher mobility, is open to changes and job search. On the other, that individual lacks the relevant experience to be competitive in the labour market.

NPower recruitment is designed to resolve the situation. Throughout this Programme, the youths of Nigeria in the age bracket 18 to 35 will be able to establish, develop and put into practice profitable projects. NPower portal was made for changing the community for the better as well as changing the whole economic sector.– NPower June/july recruitment 2017

This part is divided into the steps which you should follow in order to make a successful application for NPower jobs. Before going on with the registration please be aware of the necessary requirements:

  1. Proper name entry:
  2. Date of birth:
  3. Active telephone number:
  4. Active e-mail address:
  5. Nationality:
  6. Place of birth:
  7. Bank Verification Number:
  8. CV – ready to be uploaded:
  9. Passport data:
  10. Degree qualification.

NPower Recruitment 2017/ Registration Process

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Stage 1: Visit official website –

Stage 2: Choose one of the categories which you can find on the page:

– N-power Teacher corps

– N-power Knowledge

– N-power build

Stage 3: After you have chosen the category, a tab at the left side of your monitor appears. Here, you should enroll yourself in one of the programs you prefer. Scroll down the page and click apply now.

Stage 4: After you have done all the previous stages there will be a page with the application form. You should fill the gaps in this form as properly as you can.

Stage 5: After you have finished filling the information into gaps you should scroll down the page.

Then, upload necessary documents such as (CV, Degree qualification certificate, passport data etc.) If your registration is successful, the acknowledgment slip has a special NPower logo. As a confirmation, you will also receive a mail via your e-mail address within the next few days.

Youth is a powerful resource. Youth support, their participation in creative and active participation in society is a strategic investment in the states development. The youth labour market must be accompanied by transparency and effective stimulus mechanisms for their employment. These benefits can be achieved by the use of NPower in Nigeria. Do not miss your chance! Build our future together.

Do share your views about NPOWER, ask questions, and any useful hints concerning the organization or her recruitment process in the comment section below.

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