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United African States New Africa’s World Bank (NAW BANK)

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United African States New Africa’s World Bank (NAW BANK)

United African States New Africa’s World Bank (NAW BANK)

United African States New Africa’s World Bank (NAW BANK)


Temp. Address: No.28, Julius Nyerere Crescent, Asokoro Abuja-Nigeria

Tel: +234(0)706 611 0131, +234(0)809 898 7057, USA: (1)9373616362

Email: Website:




The purpose for which the NAW-BANK was established as an independent and nonGovernmental and non-commercial banking entity is to create and harness the inclusion of all Ethnic African Race’s socioeconomics parity, equality and equilibrium of the global Ethnic Africans’ life; to promote and support the global economic development opportunities of the Global Ethnic African Race, human and materials resources and to carry on with the responsibilities of protection of the Africans and the African descendants in the diaspora; to function as primary fiduciary funding source to finance infrastructures, industries, African nation-states’ education, training, economic development projects and the implementation and execution of the ACTS’ 100 Years’ Master Plan; to create opportunities for advancing socioeconomics development and jobs opportunities for the eradication of poverty plaguing the Africans worldwide.

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The vision of the NAW-BANK is to support and bring closer together all Africans and the entire global African descendants as one socioeconomics unit on one hand and to bring rest of the human families on the other with focus on common economic parity, equilibrium, progress equality in financial affairs of the world for peaceful co-existence.



The mission of the NAW-BANK is to promote economic growth and development parity, equality, equilibrium and social order within the reach of all nations and their citizens fostered by the combining with programs for the eradication of poverty, illiteracy, ignorance and economic disparity plaguing the African race. To support the implementation of African Continental Tolls [ACTS’] 100 Years’ Master Plan and the New Africa’s Infrastructures Development Projects and Programs.



On March 3, the Resolution seeking to locate the New Africa’s World Bank Global Headquarters in Africa was adopted and the Legal Drafting Committee was formed. On March 5, 2003, all global Ethnic African Race’s Regional General Assemblies had their first reading of the NAW-BANK’s Endorsement Bill. In May 6, 2003, the Joint Regional General Assembly Read the Second and Third Reading and they passed the NAW-BANK’s Endorsement Bill Unanimously.

On May 18, 2003, the Joint Africans, Asian, Europeans, the Americas, Arabs and Russian High and Higher Joint Regional General Assembly passed the Endorsement Bill.

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September 9, 2003, the Joint Higher and the Highest Chambers of the Supreme Council of the New Africa’s World Nation [NAWN] unanimously confirmed, affirmed and ratified the passed the Act which established the New Africa’s World Bank [“NAWBANK”]; and the Bill/Act was signed into Law at six P.M. of September 9, 2003 in Washington, DC, USA.



The goals and objectives of the NAW-BANK is to support and finance economic development of Africa and the world programs for the eradication of poverty, ignorance, illiteracy and disequilibrium of socioeconomic development in the world. The concept of the new Africa’s world tandeminal economical system [which was developed by Dr. Brimmy A.U. Olaghere, is based on the conscious realities on the ground in Africa], furnishes a body of settled conclusions immediately applicable to the policy of wealth creation and the distribution of wealth among all Ethnic Africans worldwide. It proposes using what the global Ethnic Africans have to get what they want, from whom, by whom, with whom, for whom, for what, where, how and by what means.
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This is the function of the NAW-BANK:


The new Africa’s Tandeminal Economic System’s tenet is based on non-neutral factors of global economic realities of the 21st Century and beyond. Thus far, more than three billion Africans and African descendants in the world are poorest, the weakest and most defenseless human beings on earth.


Therefore, the solution to Africans and African descendants’ socioeconomic development problems lies in the application and adherence to the fundamental principal to:


Support socioeconomics integration of Africans and AfricanØ descendants’[throughout the world] human, material, scientific, technological know-how and financial resources to reconstruct, rehabilitate, rebuild and develop Africa with the 21st Century’s technology and leap frogs to reclaim Africa’s lost pride, glory and regain her global status;
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Support the organization of the Ethnic Africans’ global socioeconomicØ emancipation, liberation and integration network for the self-sustainable promotion and development of the Ethnic African’s self-perpetuating Tandeminal Economic System;


Support the adoption of global “dual citizenship of Africa” for all African descendants who have accepted Africa as his or her homeland with an enduring permanent identity and socioeconomic linkages;


Support the establishment of a common unifying global policy of one for all andØ for one and adopt self-awareness and knowledge of culture, with a focus on any harm done to Africa or any Ethnic African is a harm done to all Ethnic Africans:



Support the establishment of permanent socioeconomic linkages with the “ HomeLandØ Africa” with direct access to raw materials and the creation of Ethnic Africans centered global markets;


Support the development and promotion of global Ethnic Africans’ trade, finance,Ø investment and banking systems among all Ethnic Africans and the use of the NAW-BANK as the global financial institution framework for implementation;


Support the adoption of the New Africa’s World Tandeminal Economic Systems’Ø doctrine of wealth creation and the distribution of wealth among all Ethnic Africans and for the eradication of abject poverty.


Support the funding and the financing of the ACTS’ Combined Infrastructures’Ø Development Projects, One hundred (100) Years’ Master Plan, as the structural framework for Africa’s development;


Support the promotion and investment in the NAW-BANK as the peoples’ ownØ World Bank for reconstruction, rehabilitation and rebuilding of Africa; restore Africa’s self-respect, freedom of choice between the alternatives for a permanent and a final solution to pandemic socioeconomic problems. There are some fundamental differences between the world bank and NAW bank.


  Differences Between The “World Bank” and the NAW BANK.

The World Bank is exclusively owned only by independent and sovereign nations. The World Bank charges interest on its loans, and loan guarantees and it has a policy for unfixed service charges on its funding facilities. The World Bank accepts gold and diamonds for its deposits and securities. On the contrary, the NAW-BANK is a global peoples’ bank for member nations, individuals, corporations, civil society organizations, institutions and persons.


The NAWBANK does not charge interest on its loans and loan guarantees and the NAW-BANK maintains a policy of a 3.5% fixed service charge for the entire life of the loan or loan guarantee or as investments.

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The NAW-BANK accepts gold, diamonds, lands, properties, trees, sands and any raw materials or natural resources as investments, collateral and/or for payment of loans and retirement of loan guarantees.


The primary focus of the NAW-BANK is to reconstruct and develop Africa; to create wealth and distribute wealth among the Africans and all African descendants throughout the world and to eradicate poverty throughout the world. In order to create socioeconomic harmony and to sustain its development programs in Africa, the NAW- BANK has developed extraordinary African Union members states’ debt-free policy to acquire and dispose of all African nationsdebts to all international.



Financial institutions, so that African nations-states can be freed from trappings of debts burdens. The NAW-BANK is the peoples’ common sense, solution oriented with the privilege to carry and human rights to claim from financial institution; to finance the ACTS’ 100 Years’ Master Plan for Africa’s infrastructures and economic development; promoting anti-poverty and pro-socioeconomics parity and development of equilibrium. These are purposes of the NAW-BANK.

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