Best Way To Prepare For 2017/2018 Post Utme Admission Screening


Best Way To Prepare For 2017/2018 Post Utme Admission Screening

Best Way To Prepare For 2017/2018 Post Utme Admission Screening


Different people have different ways on how to prepare for upcoming examination effectively, everybody has its own s tragedy. If you have been using a working method that is best known to you, then this post is not for you.

So today, we are sharing with you collective ideas of methods on how to successfully pass your 2017/2018 Post Utme Admission Screening Examinations without using Malpractice or any other fishy methods. Note that, they have been confirmed working by various students.


Best Way To Prepare For 2017/2018 Post Utme Admission Screening



We all know that success does not come like magic, for one to succeed in life, then one has to work hard towards achieving it. Many known legends and professor really do a good and best work in order to attain that name. Let’s begin.


  1. DON’T Depend on Something or a Human

I hope you understand very much, first don’t depend on something like Malpractice such as Bullet, Hidden Notes, Computers, Micro-Digital technology and also don’t depend on your friends, families and the rest. Ask yourself, what if the person is no longer there? What if the person dies or next time, there are no hidden notes?

And you know that Mal-practice is a huge crime in Nigeria and it attracts a powerful punishment from the Federal Government.


  1. Cramming is Not Advisable

Yea, cramming work is especially introduce for students under the Nursery to Primary Session. But once you are in the Secondary School Session to Entering University, cramming work should be prohibited.

Are you planning on going to University to study your preferred course in 2017/2018? Then do not cram! Study to show yourself approved. Reading helps you to improve your memory. When you read, the words will keep repeating in your memory.


  1. Try Out Past questions/Answers

Over the years, this helps a lot in revisions as they give you an insight into the exam questions and format. It also help to practice how to manage the allotted time for the examination. It also helps in accessing how prepared we are for the exam at hand.


  1. Form a Trusted Reading Groups

Examinations play a very important role in certifying that one is equipped and capable of taking up a certain task. if you don’t prepare for exam it means you have prepared to fail.

Study groups help to brainstorm and also in problem solving. Exchanging ideas and solutions between members of the group can help in learning and preparing for the examination at hand. If you have areas of difficulties, seek out group members who can help put you through.


  1. Try to Get enough rest

While you prepare for an examination don’t rule out the fact that your body needs its required amount of sleep to function properly. Get enough sleep (7 hours daily) to help put you in the right frame of mind and ease the stress and tension associated with preparing for examination


Well, for now, this is best steps and guidelines we can give to those that are planning on writing Admission Screening for the 2017/2018 academic session. Not to worry, we will definitely update you on any latest tips we have.

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