www.uasgov.com-United African State Recruitment- Application for Employment 2017/2018

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www.uasgov.com-United African State Recruitment- Application for Employment 2017/2018

www.govuas.com-United African State Recruitment

www.govuas.com-United African State Recruitment


Whereas, with the natural course of human evolution that has taken place, Africa has become the origin of Africans. The Africans were made with the same color pigments of living or dead skin, with the same natural privileges to carry and the rights to claim at all times; To and from their places before they are invaded by those who have transferred them. In the course of the history of human evolution, an enormous damage inflicted by man on inhumanity has been inflicted on the whole African race; Since 2000 years..


United African State Recruitment – The enslavement of the Africans followed by colonialism were ordered by the Europeans’ government authorities and colonialism doctrine was adopted by the same and was practiced against the innocent Africans who were dehumanized, denied human rights equality and the Africans’ own cultural philosophy and beliefs which they held in practice from their very existence in one generation to another; from which their superior universe was created.  Those who had mutated from the original Africans colluded to inferiorize the Africans by their adoption of their Africans’ dehumanization doctrine against all global Ethnic Africans’ race. FULL HISTORY


United African State Recruitment – Application for Employment into United African States is currently accepting application from qualified candidates into different categories.


United African State Recruitment – UAS Careers is United African State main application portal. To apply for a provisional position, all potential applicants need to fill the Online Application with all requested details.


Applicants are advised to completely provide all required data as partial data or double entry will lead to disqualification into United African State Recruitment and Application.

  • Complete the Online Application form.
  • An email will be sent to you containing your Application ID and details of the next steps

Application for Employment into United African States Recruitment

Whereas, the enslavement and malign of the Africans was a direct method of control. Africans knew that their blood line was thicker than water. For, as far as the Africans were concerned, they knew that the African genes were dominant and they will continue to claim victory for their genes’ presence in every human being; [as a non-neutral] by separation; but, equal and the same in all human beings. Yes, the Africans are the poorest human race on earth today. The question is why? The answers are: CLICK TO READ FULL HISTORY


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